Release Notes V10.0.10.0


V10.0.10.0 Release Notes

Release date: June 19th 2018

Job Management Report Updates

Added - Company setting add option to attach WO to schedule
Added - Job lost will put a production closed date
Added - spinner/loading animation when scheduling a work order
Added - Schedule display change the month from short to full
Added - Always show “Auto Create Folders Based On” option in company settings
Added - Sync KPI Date between PSA and PSA Web

Fixed – Remove barcode from work order screen
Fixed - Time clock Map issues that caused people who are not clocked in not to appear
Fixed – When dividing by zero not to display on the Work Order
Fixed – Issues on saving job no longer requires a refresh to multiple jobs
Fixed – Issues when changing jobs log note template updated
Fixed - Log note sync issue when logs are created by non-employees
Fixed – Issues converting work order to invoice/voucher, still allowing user to edit after initially converting the work order
Fixed - Topic types to now remove (loss description, notes, etc.) from topic dropdown for notes on companies/contacts

Job Management Report Updates

Added - New Performance Indicator summary report
Added - New additional addresses to the log note email recipient drop down
Added - New Time to complete report
Added - Print Contact Logs report that prints all notes assumes the note formatting with spaces to allow for readability


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