Supported Web Browsers and Platforms


Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge

Version 9+/ Version 40+

Google Chrome

Version 49+

Mozilla FireFox

Version 45+

Apple Safari

Version 8+


Version 8.0+


Version 8+

Other Browsers

Other browsers not on this list may function properly but we are unable to support them. The listed browsers are used to during our in-house testing to ensure that they function correctly. Please do not submit any bug reports concerning web browsers not on this list.



How do I change my password?

Go to "Settings"->"My Account". Then click the "Change Password" button.

I've lost my password, how do I reset it?

Click the "I forgot my password" link on the PSARCWEB.com login page, you will be prompted for an email address to send the password reset to for the account associated to it.   If you are not sure, contact your administrator and ask them to reset your password. If no one is able to reset your password contact Canam support via support@canamsys.com

Can I log in from more than one device at once?

You can only log in from one device at a time, if you log in a second time your first session will be logged out. This only applies to Browser based devices.  i.e. Desktop and a tablet or phone using a browser, not the PSA mobile app.

I've tried to log in several times, but it keeps telling me that my password is wrong.

If a user tries to log in more than 5 times in a row with an incorrect password they will become locked out. They will need to contact an administrator at their site and ask them to unlock their account.  Also if you are logged into the mobile and the web, you will need to logout of both before resetting your password.

If I make a change in security that makes it impossible for me to continue, what do I do?

Call support to reset security settings, they may require approval from your company's primary contact.

Where is the database information stored?

All information is stored by Canam Systems at a secure data center.

I just got a notification that I need to change my password, why?

Passwords must be changed at least every 90 days for security reasons.

I can't seem to log in to the system.

Please ensure that JavaScript and Cookies are enabled in your web browser.

I can't seem to open schedule invites on my Android Phone or Tablet.

Older versions of Android do not natively support emailed schedule invites. You need to install a 3rd party program such as ics Databridge to import them. Please note that this is a 3rd party program and Canam is unable to provide support or bug fixes for it.

I'm having problems with my keychain scanner using an iPhone or iPad.

There is a issue with recent versions of iOS' autocorrect support that interferes with keychain scanners. To work around this you can disable autocorrect by going to "Settings"->"General"->"Keyboard"->Turn off auto-correct(auto-complete).

Note: All policies and requirements are subject to change, customers will be notified of changes via email.


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