V11.0.36.0 Release Notes

May 16th 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Configurable External Mail Server: Within Settings -> Company Settings -> General à Mail Settings Companies now have the option to utilize their company’s External Mail Server. Note: this option requires the company to create a separate email inbox dedicated solely to Proven Jobs. If companies do not want to utilize this option, they can still utilize the Proven Jobs email server as it stands today. Proven Jobs Configurable External Mail Server
  • New Feature: Log Note Creation Based on Job #. New option of any inbound email will create a log note on the job file when a Job # has been entered within the Subject line of the email. Note: This option works only with the configurable email server option listed above. Proven Jobs Log Note Creation Based on Job #
  • New Feature: Optional QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync. This feature will now offer an automatic Sync of Proven Jobs and QuickBooks online. When enabled this sync will occur every hour. Please note that users will need to contact support to enable this feature.
  • New Feature: View Invoice Feature: Availability to “View” Invoice within the Financial Screen for non-PSA desktop users. Proven Jobs View Invoice
  • New Feature: Display Associated Matterport or DocuSketch Link: Within the Matterport / DocuSketch job file tab the associated Matterport/DocuSketch link will be displayed. Proven Jobs Display Matterport / DocuSketch Link
  • New Feature: Additional Fields within Export Job List: Additional fields have been added to the Export Job List within the Job Lookup screen. Users still can have 12 fields added to the job look up screen that will export, in addition to the following additions: Invoice Amount, Paid Amount, Actual Revenue and all Relationships listed within the job file. Proven Jobs Additional Fields within Export Job List
  • New Feature: Product Name Description Included: Any expense, bill converted created within the QuickBooks system will now include the Product description within the financials section of the linked Proven Jobs job file. Proven Jobs Product Description
  • New Feature: “Referral” Report: The addition of the job type parameter and column has been included within the “Referral” report. Proven Jobs Referral Report Job Type Parameter Added
  • New Feature: “Job Management – New” Report: The addition of the Group by Employee type was included in the “Job Management New” report. Proven Jobs Job Management Report New Group by Employee
  • New Feature: Restrict Proven Jobs Attachment Download: Proven Jobs now offers the ability to restrict photos from email attachments from being downloaded into the job file. Proven Jobs Restrict Job Attachment Download
  • New Feature: E-Signature DateTime Field Types Entry: Allow DateTime field types on custom forms to be entered using e-signature request Proven Jobs E-Signature DateTime Field Entry
  • New Feature: Estimate Total Now Displays within Integration à Xactware:  The Xactimate estimate total is now displayed within the Integration à Xactware screen. Note: Estimate total will not display on estimates that were imported prior to the release. Proven Jobs Estimate Total Display Integration --> Xactware
  • New Feature: Edit Map Starting Location: Users now have the option of editing the starting location of the map from the job info tab. Previously the map icon associated the starting location from the users location. Proven Jobs Edit Map Starting Location
  • Fix on the exception note for workflow marked as incomplete does not automatically sync over to CRM
  • Fix to the XactAnalysis date mapping issue, added a new XactAnalysis stage called “Date Received”.
  • Fix to Block the ability to edit the internal company’s name and address.
  • Fix when Alternative Status list is not filled that will lead to issues when saving.
  • Fix to the QBO sync when deleting an Account
  • Fix on the Proven Jobs Desktop Accounting sync to Proven Jobs sync, if one customer contact, contact method fails, all other added contact methods are skipped
  • Fix on Schedule Calendar View, the subject line from work order screen – the subject line will automatically populate within the work order creation window, in the same fashion as it does from the Advanced Schedule work order creation.
  • Fix on the counter on attachment folders is not functioning outside of job attachments.
  • Fix on the “Delete” Button error for Cost tab.
  • Fix on Schedule Calendar View, schedule was not showing for all attendees in emp and tech screens when the start and end time were the same.



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