FEB 1 2018 - Release notes - QuickBooks Desktop and PSA Web Sync Update -

Expected Release Date" Feb 1, 2019

Due to feedback from many of our customers, the following changes will be implemented. 

NOTE:  This update will only affect companies using PSAWEB and Quickbooks DESKTOP versions only !!.

Sync of Job Address and Contact Method Data on “Updates”

The following list of job information will continue to sync as it has been, when a New Job is created in PSA Web or QuickBooks Desktop, and these items will sync both ways .    The revised sync functionality will no longer sync between QB or PSA Web when an update/edit is done to job phone, email or job address information.  

Update #1 - New Job Created– will sync as current existing process works.  

PSA Web                             Sync       QuickBooks                                       

  • Home Phone             < ->        Main Phone                                      
  • Work Phone               < ->        Alt Phone           
  • Work Email                < ->        Main Email         
  • Work Fax                    < ->        Fax        
  • Job address              < ->        Job Ship To Address
  • Customer Address   < ->        Job Bill To Address

Updated JobNo updates will sync

PSA Web                             Sync       QuickBooks                                       

  • Home Phone             x              Main Phone                                      
  • Work Phone               x              Alt Phone           
  • Work Email                x              Main Email         
  • Work Fax                    x              Work Fax            
  • Job address              x              Job Ship To Address
  • Customer Address   x              Job Bill To Address

Update #2 - Job Inactive and Job Closed Status

 A QuickBooks Customer or Job being marked as “Inactive” will no longer “Close” the job or Delete/Inactivate the Customer in PSA Web.  

A QuickBooks Customer or Job being marked as “Active”, if it had been previously inactivated will no longer “Open” the job in PSA Web. 

“Closing” a Job (with Close button)  in PSA Web will no longer sync to QuickBooks Desktop and mark this Customer or Job as “Inactive.”

Update # 3 - Handling of job address information if one customer has over 50 jobs

Job Ship To Addresses will sync from PSA Web to QuickBooks on creation of jobs, until 50 jobs (ship to addresses) exist in QuickBooks.  Due to limitation in QuickBooks, additional jobs over limit of 50 for one customer will have to be manually updated with job address information.


V11.0.2.0 Release Notes - January 23rd 2019

V11.0.2.0 Release Notes

Released January 23rd  2019

  • Add Note field into the Employee Schedule Report Style 2
  • Add Job Name to Job Number column in Control center/Work Flow
  • Add Referral Company/Contact to Job creation screen
  • Improved performance on the loading of the schedule screen
  • Contact Method Types Create/Edit page, allow user to edit
  • Actual Cost No Rates Report now have Invoice Details band
  • Fix on the “Delete Own” right
  • View events by day on Schedule screen to have all day view
  • Fix on timecard approval screen that was not compatible with IE 11
  • Fix on the JOB Screen, do not hide the Attach button in the Note tab if the user has no E-mail privilege
  • Fix on the Timecard Style 2 report for time conversion on dates
  • Fix on the WO view tab, it was showing schedules for different days
  • Fix on Job Policy Holder to not create more than one additional address from job customer
  • Fix on Attachments renamed at PSA Web should now rename on PSA Desktop
  • Fix on Custom Forms fill from TaxID to fix not puling from correct place
  • Fix on Work Order Estimate report to display PM Phone Number
  • Fixes to the Control Centre Schedule Tab – filter options not working
  • Fix on the exporting of certain date field from Xact, time not displaying correctly
  • Sync Custom Field Date Fields as Date Type to PSA Web
  • Photo report download link added for pictures


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