V11.0.37.0 Release Notes

June 20th  11:59pm

  • New Feature: File Annotation: Within the Proven Jobs job file, users now have the option to annotate photos. Proven Jobs File Annotation
  • New Feature: Vendor Type Restriction: The option has been added within Settings -> Company Settings -> Jobs, “Not Allow Vendor Referrer”. This option enables the Company Administrator to define if the Vendor will be allowed as a selection as a Referral Company in the drop-down menu option. Proven Jobs Vendor Type Restriction
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Work Order Convert Invoice Summary: Users now have the option to convert multiple work orders to a singular invoice. Proven Jobs QuickBooks Work Order Convert to Invoice Summary
  • New Feature: Encircle Role Type Setup: Users will now have the new Ability to Setup Contact Types within Proven Jobs that are to be transferred to Encircle. Within Settings à Company Settings -> Integration -> If types are not defined by the company within settings, then the default role/ marketing positions will continue to be utilized. Proven Jobs Encircle Role Type Setup
  • New Feature: Vendor Auto Expiry Notification: Development has added a new feature within Settings -> Company Settings -> Relationships -> Edit Certificate Notification Settings. Companies can now send out auto notifications to Vendors based on criteria set in place when certificates are set to expire. Proven Jobs Vendor Expiry Auto Notification
  • New Feature: Internal Employee Auto Expiry Notification: Development has added a new feature within Settings -> Company Settings -> Relationships -> Edit Certificate Notification Settings. Companies can now send out auto notifications to Internal employees based on criteria set in place when certificates are set to expire. Proven Jobs Internal Employee Auto Expiry Notification
  • New Feature: Work Order Report: Added to Work Order report to include Level/Floor grouping
  • New Feature: Report “Job Listing – Franchise” Franchise Users Only: Addition to the report, added Revenue Percent column. Proven Jobs - Job Listing Franchise Report
  • New Feature: Report “Job Listing – Style 2”: Addition to the report, added Revenue Percent column. Proven Jobs - Job Listing Style 2 Report
  • New Feature: Mail Settings Test Connectivity: The addition of the “Test Connectivity” button within the mail settings screen. When the mail settings are enabled, within Settings -> Company Settings -> General -> Mail Settings, users now have the option to test the mail settings that have been set in place for the mail set up when utilizing the External Mail Server. Proven Jobs Mail Settings Test Connectivity
  • New Feature: Log Note Topic for Inbound Emails: When users utilize the Log Note Creation option with the Job number in subject line along with the use of the External Mail Server, users now have the option to define the Default Log Note Topic for the Inbound Emails for when the Log Note is placed on the job file. Proven Jobs Log Note Topic for Inbound Emails
  • New Feature Log Note Templates & Custom Forms Marketing Position Contact Title: Development has added Marketing Position Contact Title to Log Note Templates and Custom Form Fill From fields. Settings -> Company Settings -> Relationships -> Edit Note Templates, in addition to Settings -> Company Settings -> General -> Edit Custom Forms.
  • New Feature Custom Forms Addition of Location County: Development has added the option of Location County to Custom Forms “Fill From” Fields within Custom Form Set Up. Settings -> Company Settings -> General -> Edit Custom Forms
  • New Feature: Financials Totals Tab Additions: Development has added additional financial options for viewing. Now available are Total Amount Invoice, Total Amount Paid, Total Amount Outstanding. Proven Jobs Financials Totals
  • New Feature: Payments Included within Invoice Tab: Payments are now visible within the Invoice section of the Financials tab on the job file. Proven Jobs "Payments" Included within Invoice Tab
  • New Feature: Advanced Schedule option to Hide Closed/Vouchered Work Orders: Added to Advance schedule to check box “Hide Closed/Vouchered Work Orders”. This option will hide any closed or vouchered work ordered from the Advanced Schedule screen when selected.  Proven Jobs Advanced Schedule Hide Closed/Vouchered Work Orders
  • New Feature Modification to Control Center Notes Tab, Column Name: Changed the column name from "Completed" to "Status" within Control Center, Notes Tab. Proven Jobs Control Center Status
  • New Feature: Proven Jobs Desktop Accounting Users Addition of Product Default Cost Type: Development has added the ability to apply a default cost type to Products. Within the main products menu option users will now have the ability to edit the “Default Cost Type”. When utilized within Work Order creation the default cost type will apply.  Proven Jobs Desktop Product Default Cost Type
  • New Feature: Job Lost Code/Production Closed Date: When a Job Lost Code is removed on a Proven Jobs job file, the Production Closed Date will automatically be removed within the Dates tab.
  • New Feature: Time Card Approval Report – New: Modified the report to increase font size and make the size bolder for visibility. Proven Jobs Time Card Report - New Modifications
  • Fix Improved import of attachments from Encircle and Symbility. This fix addresses the delay on the import of the attachments from the integrated systems.
  • Fix for Workflow reminder notifications not logging on the Notes tab within the job file.
  • Fix Equipment Tab in Job File as well as Equipment Tracking Screen, Error in the page when filtering date.
  • Fix on Alternative status not updating from completed workflow that utilizing a Alternative status fill from date.
  • Fix to Workflow exception error when adding end trigger note in Jobs Add Notes To Do.
  • Fix to Workflow Not Complete after log note was entered.
  • Fix when Updating voucher to actual costs in QBO, makes costs are not updated in Proven Jobs job file.
  • Fix to Log Note Template - Displaying Wrong Date due to Time Zone issues.
  • Fix to workflow Error in the console when completing a workflow with date end trigger.
  • Fix to the export Job List address issue.
  • Fix to Symbility revisions is not handled accurately when creating credit line items, which in turn are causing estimate revenue totals that are incorrect.
  • Fix to PSA Desktop sync issue (equipment Date received.
  • Fix on job creation when related relationship referrer is the same as the selected referrer.
  • Fix to now allow deleted contact methods or deleted contact method types from customer on job creation -
  • Fix Notifications for Job Workflow when job employee and/or job company changed.
  • Fix to Trigger the Job Workflow when a file is uploaded to a job from Mobile.
  • Fix Proven Jobs Desktop Accounting to Proven Jobs system, to handle NSF Prepayments sync as positive value


V11.0.36.0 Release Notes

May 16th 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Configurable External Mail Server: Within Settings -> Company Settings -> General à Mail Settings Companies now have the option to utilize their company’s External Mail Server. Note: this option requires the company to create a separate email inbox dedicated solely to Proven Jobs. If companies do not want to utilize this option, they can still utilize the Proven Jobs email server as it stands today. Proven Jobs Configurable External Mail Server
  • New Feature: Log Note Creation Based on Job #. New option of any inbound email will create a log note on the job file when a Job # has been entered within the Subject line of the email. Note: This option works only with the configurable email server option listed above. Proven Jobs Log Note Creation Based on Job #
  • New Feature: Optional QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync. This feature will now offer an automatic Sync of Proven Jobs and QuickBooks online. When enabled this sync will occur every hour. Please note that users will need to contact support to enable this feature.
  • New Feature: View Invoice Feature: Availability to “View” Invoice within the Financial Screen for non-PSA desktop users. Proven Jobs View Invoice
  • New Feature: Display Associated Matterport or DocuSketch Link: Within the Matterport / DocuSketch job file tab the associated Matterport/DocuSketch link will be displayed. Proven Jobs Display Matterport / DocuSketch Link
  • New Feature: Additional Fields within Export Job List: Additional fields have been added to the Export Job List within the Job Lookup screen. Users still can have 12 fields added to the job look up screen that will export, in addition to the following additions: Invoice Amount, Paid Amount, Actual Revenue and all Relationships listed within the job file. Proven Jobs Additional Fields within Export Job List
  • New Feature: Product Name Description Included: Any expense, bill converted created within the QuickBooks system will now include the Product description within the financials section of the linked Proven Jobs job file. Proven Jobs Product Description
  • New Feature: “Referral” Report: The addition of the job type parameter and column has been included within the “Referral” report. Proven Jobs Referral Report Job Type Parameter Added
  • New Feature: “Job Management – New” Report: The addition of the Group by Employee type was included in the “Job Management New” report. Proven Jobs Job Management Report New Group by Employee
  • New Feature: Restrict Proven Jobs Attachment Download: Proven Jobs now offers the ability to restrict photos from email attachments from being downloaded into the job file. Proven Jobs Restrict Job Attachment Download
  • New Feature: E-Signature DateTime Field Types Entry: Allow DateTime field types on custom forms to be entered using e-signature request Proven Jobs E-Signature DateTime Field Entry
  • New Feature: Estimate Total Now Displays within Integration à Xactware:  The Xactimate estimate total is now displayed within the Integration à Xactware screen. Note: Estimate total will not display on estimates that were imported prior to the release. Proven Jobs Estimate Total Display Integration --> Xactware
  • New Feature: Edit Map Starting Location: Users now have the option of editing the starting location of the map from the job info tab. Previously the map icon associated the starting location from the users location. Proven Jobs Edit Map Starting Location
  • Fix on the exception note for workflow marked as incomplete does not automatically sync over to CRM
  • Fix to the XactAnalysis date mapping issue, added a new XactAnalysis stage called “Date Received”.
  • Fix to Block the ability to edit the internal company’s name and address.
  • Fix when Alternative Status list is not filled that will lead to issues when saving.
  • Fix to the QBO sync when deleting an Account
  • Fix on the Proven Jobs Desktop Accounting sync to Proven Jobs sync, if one customer contact, contact method fails, all other added contact methods are skipped
  • Fix on Schedule Calendar View, the subject line from work order screen – the subject line will automatically populate within the work order creation window, in the same fashion as it does from the Advanced Schedule work order creation.
  • Fix on the counter on attachment folders is not functioning outside of job attachments.
  • Fix on the “Delete” Button error for Cost tab.
  • Fix on Schedule Calendar View, schedule was not showing for all attendees in emp and tech screens when the start and end time were the same.


V11.0.35.0 Release Notes

April 18th 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Workflow Incomplete Permission: Added additional ability within security roles, Roles -> Jobs -> Job -> Allow Workflow Incomplete. This new security option allows users the ability to mark a Workflow Incomplete. Proven Jobs - Workflow Incomplete Security
  • New Feature: Encircle File Import Configuration: Users now have the ability within Settings -> Company Settings -> Integration to define a folder path for imported Encircle Photos and/or Documents. Proven Jobs - Encircle File Import Configuration
  • New Feature: Franchise Royalty Report: Franchise Royalty Report includes option to deduct program referral fees, by defining the Referral Fee GL Account within Settings -> Company Settings -> Integration, select Referral Account. Proven Jobs - Royalty Franchise Report - Referral Fee Deductions
  • New Feature: Employee Contact Classification: Within the Log Note create/edit page, development has added a feature to classify internal contact by utilizing the wrench icon. Proven Jobs - Log Note Creation Employee Contact Classification
  • New Feature: PO Number / Job Look-Up: The PO Number field has been added and is now available within the Job Look-Up screen. To add navigate Settings à User Settings -> Jobs -> Select Configure Job Lookup Columns
  • Fix: Remove Add Cancelled date security permission as this is no longer being utilized.
  • Fix: Modification to “Open Work Order” report default is set to “Yes” on Show All Open WO Parameter.
  • Fix: Change to “Sales By Employee Type” report to use fiscal year instead of calendar year.
  • Fix: Change in Timecard Approval set up screen to the order using arrow up or down was not saving.
  • Fix: Update to “Open Work Order” to fix incorrect calculations.
  • Fix: Voided or Deleted Invoices/Payments not syncing to Proven CRM job outstanding/paid value.
  • Fix: Workflow not triggered when date was updated from Proven Jobs Mobile -
  • Fix: Workflow Trigger on Job Attachments: When using Trigger of Job Attachments on Image upload, system was utilizing image upload date, not date image was taken.
  • Fix: “Invoice QuickBooks” report displaying invoices on deleted jobs.
  • Fix: Paid Jobs bubble in Control center, total count was including closed jobs.
  • Fix: Block editing franchise user on individual franchisee database
  • Fix: Log notes from multi-sequence job workflow do not all sync over to CRM
  • Fix: “Incentive detail” report showing incorrect cost/revenue.
  • Fix: Estimated Revenue and Paid Invoice sync from Proven Jobs to Proven CRM
  • Fix: Issue with updating Schedule invite within Calendar from “All Day Appointment” to “Non-All Day” Appointment was not reflecting in Google Calendar. (Time Zone Related)
  • Fix: Change to the to-do due date, Due Date field should not have any relation with the company setting schedule End Time that is defined within Settings -> Company Settings ->  Jobs 
  • Fix: When duplicating attachments, retain original creator and timestamps.

Scheduled Server Maintenance March 21st, 2022

Hello Canam Community,

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, we will be performing server maintenance on our Proven Job servers beginning at 11:00 PM EST Monday March 21st, 2022 - 1:00AM  EST Tuesday March 22nd, 2022 for approximately 120 minutes to update our psarcweb.com services. 

During this time, customers may experience delays with some features/functionality. We have selected this time to minimize the impact on our customers.  The reliability of our services is our highest priority and this maintenance window is a key step on our path to improved stability and productivity of our products and services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Technical Support Team

Proven Jobs Release Notes

V11.0.34.0 Release Notes
March 21st 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Proven Jobs – Encircle Sync: When a document or photo is deleted within the Encircle file, it will also be deleted within the linked Proven Jobs file. Proven Jobs Encircle Delete Sync
  • New Feature: Job Audit Trail Closed & Deleted Job:  Added the additional option of including closed and deleted jobs in the job audit trail.
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Online Sync Service Items Option: Added the option to Sync Products/Services from QuickBooks Online to Proven Jobs. Equipment - Products. Users will need to reach out to Support to enable this feature. Proven Jobs Sync Products/Services and Job Type Set Up
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online – Product/ Service by Job Type: A new feature has been added within the Job Type set up, to apply a specific Product/Service to a specific Job Type. This will allow when a Work Order is converted to an Invoice to utilize the Product/Service assigned to the Job Type to Control the GL Account in QuickBooks. This feature works in tandem with the above “Sync Product/Service items”. Proven Jobs Sync Products/Services and Job Type Set Up
  • New Feature: Franchise Royalties Report:  Additional option within Royalties Report, to Run report based on Job Type by Invoices. Settings - Company Settings - General - Edit Royalty Settings Proven Jobs Royalties Report
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Sync Customer Option: Added option to sync customer to QuickBooks checkbox on job creation screen. Proven Jobs QuickBooks Sync Customer Option
  • New Feature: Symbility Loss Date: The option to apply a Loss Date within Settings - Company Settings - Edit Job Dates has now been added. Proven Jobs Symbility Loss Date
  • New Feature: Company/ Contact Visible Within Note Creation: The Company or Contact is now visible on Note creation within a Company or Contact record. Proven Jobs Company - Contact Visibility on Note Creation
  • New Feature: Heic Uploads: New option to convert heic uploads to jpeg for IOS users.
  • New Feature: Symbility First Name – Last Name Option: New option to use a First Name – Last Name Format for Symbility. Settings - Company Settings  Integrations - Symbility - Enable “Use Firstname Lastname Format” Proven Jobs Naming Format
  • New Feature: Xactimate Import Default “Append New”: Within Integration - Xactimate, the default on import estimates has been modified to “Append New” in place of previous default of replace. Proven Jobs Xactimate Default Append New
  • Updated Feature – Control Center Paid Criteria Change Control Center Paid criteria – to show only “Open” job. Jobs do not have a Production Close or Accounting Close Date.  Proven Jobs Paid Stage Modification
  • New Feature: Salesperson change logic to fill salesperson on job to fill it by referral. Proven Jobs Salesperson by Referral
  • Fix to Symbility – On estimate import, to apply taxes correctly, and include minimum charge adjustments.
  • Fix to auto fill invoice date when converting multiple work orders to invoices at once.
  • Fix to change to Workflow Setup page enable Job Contact/Employee field within Workflows when All Job Types are selected.
  • Fix when sorting the job type column in the workflow setup screen.
  • Fix to Control Center Notes. Notes were overflowing within the grid section.
  • Fix to not allow to convert work orders to vouchers/invoices if export date type not added for QuickBooks integrations
  • Fix QuickBooks Online – Development fix; When a vendor name is modified in QuickBooks, Proven Jobs will update the Vendor Record from the Company Name in QuickBooks instead of the Vendors Display Name.
  • Fix to not export company with -C and -V in display name to QuickBooks Online.
  • Fix to the export job list as the number of records in the job export different from Prove Jobs list filtered.
  • Fix to allow when Policyholder is utilized to “update” Customer record within Proven Jobs, Customer record will then export to QuickBooks Online / Proven CRM.
  • Fix to Workflow Setup List; Job Types filter not working.
  • Fix to Email Address validation to allow one character in the domain.
  • Fix to the Job Export List, breaking down address information.
  • Fix when removing a subtrade on a workorder with in Proven Jobs, the subtrade is not removed in PSA Desktop

Proven Jobs Release notes February 21, 2022

V11.0.33.0 Release Notes

February 21st 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Editing Images within a Job File: Allows for the ability to edit images within the job in any view option. Users now have the option to Rotate or Crop the image, once edited the users will have the ability to save or save a copy of the image.  Proven Jobs Editing Images
  • New Feature: Job Audit Trail:  A Job Audit Trail is now available. Users have the option to perform an audit within a Job File based on the Info, Dates and Relationships tab. In addition, users have the option to perform a system wide audit within Settingsà Proven Jobs Job Audit Trail
  • New Feature: Job Look-Up Export: Addition of Export to CSV button on Job Look-Up Screen. Users can Export data filtered within Job Look-Up screen by selecting “Export Job List”. Proven Jobs Job Look-Up Export
  • New Feature: Matterport: New support For Multiple Links on Job File.
  • New Feature: Control Center Modifications: Updated Control Center, new stage “Paid” has been created. Images have also been updated. Proven Jobs Control Center Modifications
  • New Feature: Referral Report by Employee: Revenue column added to “Referral Report By Employee”. Paid Date has been added as a report filtering parameter. Proven Jobs Referral Report by Employee
  • New Feature: Ability to Add Multiple Job Types & Subtypes to a Single Workflow Users have the option to add multiple Job Types and the associated sub types to a single Workflow Set Up. Proven Jobs Workflow Modification
  • New Feature: Work Order Addition of Date Created: Added “Date Created” column to Work Order Screen within Job File Proven Jobs Work Order Date Created
  • New Feature: Time Sheet Report Addition of the “All” option with the "Show Inactive" Employees Parameter ,”Time Sheet report” Proven Jobs Time Sheet Report Modification
  • New Feature: Modification on Google Address Lookup Box, this was completed to coincide with our Proven CRM software.
  • New Feature: Access Linked Encircle Job File from Job, Users have the ability to access Encircle from within Proven Jobs job file from within the newly created Encircle tab. Proven Jobs Access Encircle
  • Fix: Proven OnSite Label: Addition of Error message for Default Proven OnSite Label in Company Settings page – Maximum length of characters is 30 for this label area. If exceeding when user selects save, an error message will appear indicating that user has exceeded the character limit. Proven Jobs - Proven OnSite Label
  • Fix If Unit was not entered upon entry of Xactimate line item. Importing into Proven Jobs will default the unit to Ea (Each).
  • Fix Emergency Tracker report modifications.
  • Fix: Jobs sync updates for Proven Jobs Mobile transferring inactive job schedules.
  • Fix: Work Order Issue - Update Category and selector not updating
  • Fix: Inline Work Order Description Multiple lines issues displays as single line
  • Fix issue with concurrency on timecard period inserting
  • New Feature: To Do Reply Note Topic Users have the option to set a Default Note Topic to ‘To-Do” Reply’s, SettingsàCompany Settingsà Relationships Proven Jobs To-Do Reply Note Topic
  • Fix on Employee that has been recovered via Recovered/ Deleted that did not recover employee record if that had been deleted as well.
  • Fix on Job Management New report - exception when employee roles not set.
  • Fix on Public uploads so that they cannot be deleted if language is French.
  • Fix to Symbility synchronization - Does not export public files if Import Attachments is not selected.
  • Fix Duplicated log notes for past due workflow
  • Fix: QuickBooks Desktop to Proven Jobs Credit Card: Credit does not sync when payee is not in Proven Jobs within RelationshipsàCompanies
  • New Feature: Send Company to QuickBooks on Selected Date: The addition within in company settings to trigger the sync of Customer and Job to QuickBooks if selected date has been entered on the Job File (pertains to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop) Proven Jobs - Job Date Send to QuickBooks
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Sync: In addition to the above new feature, Proven Solutions team has also added the addition of the Sync to QuickBooks Integration at the Customer Level. This feature can be utilized in conjunction with the date feature above or as a stand alone option. (pertains to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop) Proven Jobs QuickBooks Integration Customer Record


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