V11.0.39.0 Release Notes

Sep 7, 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Location Selection within Schedule: When Default location is selected within User Settings, users now have the option within the Schedule screens that the default location will be utilized and remembered. Proven Jobs Location Selection
  • New Feature: Encircle Integration “Sync Media” Auto Selection: Within Settings à Company Settings à Integration and within the Encircle integration section when “Sync Media” is selected the system will auto select import photos and documents. Proven Jobs Encircle Sync Media
  • New Feature: Percent Complete (% Complete) in Control Center: Within the Proven Jobs Control Center users will now have an additional column option of viewing % Complete. Proven Jobs % Complete within Control Center
  • New Feature: “Royalty Report” Invoice Total Column: This update is for Franchise Companies only, the column of “Invoice Total” has been added to the Royalty Report by Receivables. Proven Jobs Royalty Report Invoice Totals
  • New Feature: Discount on Invoice QuickBooks Online: QuickBooks Online users will now have the ability to import discounts from invoices into Proven Jobs. Proven Jobs QuickBooks Online Discount
  • New Feature: “Payroll Time” and “Time Sheet Style 2” Report – Location: The addition of the Location Parameter to the “Payroll Time” and “Time Sheet Style 2” Report Proven Jobs "Payroll Time" Report and Proven Jobs "Timesheet Style 2" Report
  • New Feature: “Referral” Report - Estimated Revenue: Users now have an additional column within the Referral Report of Estimated Revenue. Proven Jobs Referral Report
  • New Feature: “Employee Certificate” Report: New Report available. Proven Jobs Employee Certificate
  • New Feature: Extended Contact Methods: Users now have an option within Company Settings to define if they wish to utilize extended contact settings. Proven Jobs Extended Contact Methods
  • New Feature: Modification of “Completed” to Status within Control Center: Change column name from "Completed" to "Status" on Control Center Notes and Schedule tab. Proven Jobs Status Column
  • New Feature: Drag and Drop Toggle: Previously Proven Jobs web released our Drag and Drop option within the Attachments tab, in conjunction with this feature, Proven Jobs now has the ability to turn this feature On or Off within the Job file. By Default, the feature will be set to off, users can toggle to on to utilize the drag and drop feature within the job file. Proven Jobs Drop and Drag Feature
  • Additional Feature: Mobile Picture Size Disclaimer: The addition of the Mobile Picture Size setting disclaimer is now available. Proven Jobs Mobile Picture Size
  • Fix: on emails if same recipients assigned To, CC will get ignored.
  • Fix: on Custom Forms Security within the Mobile App. Previously any users had the ability to view Custom Forms within Mobile. Additional security has been enabled within the User Role Settings that will enable administrators to enable View to be selected in order for users to be able to View the Custom Forms within the Mobile app this option previously only applied to Proven Jobs web settings.
  • Fix: for To Do completed on Proven Jobs Mobile App, when an Assignee receives the To Do completed notification when completed in Proven Jobs mobile, if the assignee is not added as a notification recipient they will not receive the completed To Do Notification.
  • Fix: on Job showing financials of data from another job when two tabs opened.
  • Fix: on To Do - Reply link in the To Do reply from e-mail notifications does not work
  • Fix: on next job workflow sequence is not automatically triggered if completed by End trigger is an attached image.
  • Fix: on Symbility - not creating a WO for separate Overhead and Profit.
  • Fix: Date Time format display in timecard approval page to be more consistent.
  • Fix: on Proven Jobs web to QuickBooks Desktop Removing 1st line address of a 2 or more lines address and syncs that information incorrectly.
  • Fix: on WorkFlow - End trigger file is attached multiple times if save button is clicked more than once.
  • Fix: on Company Settings not loading when Proven CRM and dispatch features are enabled but no data record exists.
  • Fix: Within Relationship àCompanies - Added a more descriptive error message when a user cannot add a form.
  • Fix: on drag and drop downloads from upload thumbnail list
  • Fix: on Proven Jobs to PSA Desktop Deleting 1 of many WO schedules in Proven Jobs removes the dates on the work order in PSA Desktop.
  • Fix: Correction within Job à Attachments, the Confirmation message is displayed twice when attaching a form to a job file.
  • Fix: on job creation screen if “Not allow Vendor Referrer” checked selected in Settings à Company Settings à Jobs, when selecting a Vendor referrer company to a job the selection will work the same way as the Job Edit Screen.
  • Fix: to not allow the general topics (Note, Loss Description, Reason for Close note) in Log Notes template.
  • Fix: on Log Notes - Apply "Include Email on Log Note send" option when log note is sent from mobile.
  • Fix: on Royalty - Deleted referral account expense not applied in the current open royalty period.
  • Fix: on Proven Jobs - Job Address Sync to QuickBooks Desktop Job Bill To
  • Fix: on pagination should not be displayed for Forms in Attachments tab in Job page.
  • Fix: on Relationship à Contacts à Attachments - Saved custom form were not listed in All tab.
  • Fix: on Job - Attachment - Report - Bad request message is generated when adding a specific kind of report.
  • Fix: on mobile app when handling missing user settings entry when listing workflows on new app.
  • Fix: on blocking deleting Posted Timecard.
  • Fix: Expiry contact information on the “Auto-Notification of Expiry” will remain Vendor after all notifications have been sent.
  • Fix: on Franchise Job Copy not displaying error.
  • Fix on Xactimate - OVH is not applied by category but instead by estimate if imported after being linked
  • Fix: miscellaneous bugs on Job Custom Subfolders setup.



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