Release Notes V11.0.13.0 May 12, 2020


V11.0.13.0 Release Notes

May 12th 2020

  • New Advanced Schedule Features
    • Redesign of interface – Added an “Expand” button to fit full screen
    • New Show/Hide column option – allows user to select which columns they would like to view
    • Allow Sequence number to be edited in (1st) Column. This will change the order in which WO appear and the system will retain the resequencing when you refresh or return to the list.
    • Allow users to hide WO’s they do not want to have appear on this list by selecting the delete button.
    • Add additional phases for the same Work Order number on the schedule by clicking Add on the menu bar. The Add will create a second instance of the same Work Order.
    • Add Hover details on appointments - displays work order details when you hover over with your mouse.
    • Restrict the ability to schedule on “non workdays” – user can now restrict scheduling on predetermined non-work days.
    • Added filter boxes & sorting arrows to each column. This feature provides the ability to sort data by ascending or descending order.
    • Added Expected Start and Expected End dates. These have been added to the Advanced Schedule to include an option for expected dates.
    • Change the order of columns – Users can now change the order of the columns by dragging and dropping them to suit individual preferences.
    • The Advanced schedule now defaults to the date of the first appointment entered.
    • Tasks can now be marked complete from the Advanced Schedule screen.
    • When returning to advanced schedules, it will display the job information that was entered prior to exiting the screen.
  • New Job Listing report - Displays jobs with calculated revenue and costs.
  • Time Card Approval – Time Cards will now display all time cards even if the approver is not assigned to the job.
  • Time Card Approval – The totals display move to display next to the employee name.
  • Display in red deleted/inactive Company, Contact and Employee on the relationship tab Job
  • PSA Desktop sync to transfer on customer contact and vendor contact method type Ext field
  • In the company look up screen, the City, Province/State and Postal/Zip Code into company address is now displayed.
  • Allow “Company Note” and “Contact Note” reports to run without selecting item in dropdown. A selection is no longer required.
  • Fix - transferring data from QBO to Proven CRM
  • Fix - On Xact import “Replace Loss Description” checkbox option is not visible after saving
  • Fix - On completing a Workflow by using Save Work Flow Popup not working
  • Fix -On Deleted company's related relationships will not be displayed.
  • Users can now customize their look up screen Job related contacts, customers, and referrals.
  • Fix - Xact import with no job selection the “Replace Loss Description” checkbox was not visible after saving.


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