Scheduled Server Maintenance March 21st, 2022

Hello Canam Community,

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, we will be performing server maintenance on our Proven Job servers beginning at 11:00 PM EST Monday March 21st, 2022 - 1:00AM  EST Tuesday March 22nd, 2022 for approximately 120 minutes to update our services. 

During this time, customers may experience delays with some features/functionality. We have selected this time to minimize the impact on our customers.  The reliability of our services is our highest priority and this maintenance window is a key step on our path to improved stability and productivity of our products and services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Technical Support Team

Proven Jobs Release Notes

V11.0.34.0 Release Notes
March 21st 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Proven Jobs – Encircle Sync: When a document or photo is deleted within the Encircle file, it will also be deleted within the linked Proven Jobs file. Proven Jobs Encircle Delete Sync
  • New Feature: Job Audit Trail Closed & Deleted Job:  Added the additional option of including closed and deleted jobs in the job audit trail.
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Online Sync Service Items Option: Added the option to Sync Products/Services from QuickBooks Online to Proven Jobs. Equipment - Products. Users will need to reach out to Support to enable this feature. Proven Jobs Sync Products/Services and Job Type Set Up
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online – Product/ Service by Job Type: A new feature has been added within the Job Type set up, to apply a specific Product/Service to a specific Job Type. This will allow when a Work Order is converted to an Invoice to utilize the Product/Service assigned to the Job Type to Control the GL Account in QuickBooks. This feature works in tandem with the above “Sync Product/Service items”. Proven Jobs Sync Products/Services and Job Type Set Up
  • New Feature: Franchise Royalties Report:  Additional option within Royalties Report, to Run report based on Job Type by Invoices. Settings - Company Settings - General - Edit Royalty Settings Proven Jobs Royalties Report
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Sync Customer Option: Added option to sync customer to QuickBooks checkbox on job creation screen. Proven Jobs QuickBooks Sync Customer Option
  • New Feature: Symbility Loss Date: The option to apply a Loss Date within Settings - Company Settings - Edit Job Dates has now been added. Proven Jobs Symbility Loss Date
  • New Feature: Company/ Contact Visible Within Note Creation: The Company or Contact is now visible on Note creation within a Company or Contact record. Proven Jobs Company - Contact Visibility on Note Creation
  • New Feature: Heic Uploads: New option to convert heic uploads to jpeg for IOS users.
  • New Feature: Symbility First Name – Last Name Option: New option to use a First Name – Last Name Format for Symbility. Settings - Company Settings  Integrations - Symbility - Enable “Use Firstname Lastname Format” Proven Jobs Naming Format
  • New Feature: Xactimate Import Default “Append New”: Within Integration - Xactimate, the default on import estimates has been modified to “Append New” in place of previous default of replace. Proven Jobs Xactimate Default Append New
  • Updated Feature – Control Center Paid Criteria Change Control Center Paid criteria – to show only “Open” job. Jobs do not have a Production Close or Accounting Close Date.  Proven Jobs Paid Stage Modification
  • New Feature: Salesperson change logic to fill salesperson on job to fill it by referral. Proven Jobs Salesperson by Referral
  • Fix to Symbility – On estimate import, to apply taxes correctly, and include minimum charge adjustments.
  • Fix to auto fill invoice date when converting multiple work orders to invoices at once.
  • Fix to change to Workflow Setup page enable Job Contact/Employee field within Workflows when All Job Types are selected.
  • Fix when sorting the job type column in the workflow setup screen.
  • Fix to Control Center Notes. Notes were overflowing within the grid section.
  • Fix to not allow to convert work orders to vouchers/invoices if export date type not added for QuickBooks integrations
  • Fix QuickBooks Online – Development fix; When a vendor name is modified in QuickBooks, Proven Jobs will update the Vendor Record from the Company Name in QuickBooks instead of the Vendors Display Name.
  • Fix to not export company with -C and -V in display name to QuickBooks Online.
  • Fix to the export job list as the number of records in the job export different from Prove Jobs list filtered.
  • Fix to allow when Policyholder is utilized to “update” Customer record within Proven Jobs, Customer record will then export to QuickBooks Online / Proven CRM.
  • Fix to Workflow Setup List; Job Types filter not working.
  • Fix to Email Address validation to allow one character in the domain.
  • Fix to the Job Export List, breaking down address information.
  • Fix when removing a subtrade on a workorder with in Proven Jobs, the subtrade is not removed in PSA Desktop


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