V11.0.2.0 Release Notes - January 23rd 2019

V11.0.2.0 Release Notes

Released January 23rd  2019

  • Add Note field into the Employee Schedule Report Style 2
  • Add Job Name to Job Number column in Control center/Work Flow
  • Add Referral Company/Contact to Job creation screen
  • Improved performance on the loading of the schedule screen
  • Contact Method Types Create/Edit page, allow user to edit
  • Actual Cost No Rates Report now have Invoice Details band
  • Fix on the “Delete Own” right
  • View events by day on Schedule screen to have all day view
  • Fix on timecard approval screen that was not compatible with IE 11
  • Fix on the JOB Screen, do not hide the Attach button in the Note tab if the user has no E-mail privilege
  • Fix on the Timecard Style 2 report for time conversion on dates
  • Fix on the WO view tab, it was showing schedules for different days
  • Fix on Job Policy Holder to not create more than one additional address from job customer
  • Fix on Attachments renamed at PSA Web should now rename on PSA Desktop
  • Fix on Custom Forms fill from TaxID to fix not puling from correct place
  • Fix on Work Order Estimate report to display PM Phone Number
  • Fixes to the Control Centre Schedule Tab – filter options not working
  • Fix on the exporting of certain date field from Xact, time not displaying correctly
  • Sync Custom Field Date Fields as Date Type to PSA Web
  • Photo report download link added for pictures
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