Proven Jobs Release Notes


January 17th 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature – Symbility feature to enable dates to sync – Click below to view updated guide
  • New Feature – Third Party Administration Parent Automation from XA Parent XA Automation
  • Enhancement – An “Add Job Type” parameter has been added to the AR Aging Report.
  • Enhancement – Job - Add assigned person in the email body of ToDo feature
  • Enhancement – Additional Mail merge fields have been added to Log Note Template fields including Building Type, Policy Holder, Policy Holder Address and Project number.
  • Enhancement – Job Name and Time Completed columns have been added to the Job Workflow Report.
  • Enhancement – A company setup option as been added to look up the job address on Google before creating the job. This feature will incur usage charges and must be turned on in

               Settings>Company Settings> Jobs> Enable Google Verify Job Address. 


  • Enhancement – Send notification of completed - To-Do the completed notification will get sent to all recipients, as opposed to just the creator of the To-Do.
  • Enhancement – Switch buttons on Change Schedule.
  • Bug Fix – Time Card, when deleting a timecard when you return to the same page the deleted timecard was located.
  • Bug Fix – Photo Album needs to show pictures with the same order it is shown in job attachments.
  • Bug Fix – To-do is not opening if came from reply.
  • Bug Fix – Uncaught TypeError when adding a template to To-Do note replies
  • Bug Fix – To make files Secured When making a folder Secured.
  • Bug Fix – PSA Desktop sync on 0-hour labour cost is being created as quantity 1.
  • Bug Fix – Does not allow you to close a job if someone is clocked into it.
  • Bug Fix – PSA Desktop sync to transfer a Ship To on the customer created in PJM.
  • Bug Fix – Incentive Package should qualify jobs with 0 or less than 0 Days.
  • Bug Fix – Issue with opening of folder that contains apostrophes.
  • Bug Fix – Workflow- Selected file should match to the document type of the job attachment.
  • Bug Fix – Remove inactive contact methods from log note recipients list.
  • Bug Fix – Ability to toggle fields off if to-do is past due.
  • Bug Fix – Block deleting jobs in PJM if it has cost, timecards, equipment, or Invoices. -
  • Bug Fix – Timecard Exceptions - Lunch Break in Company Setting.
  • Enhancement – “Paid Jobs by Referrer” add Actual Revenue column has been added.
  • Bug Fix – Trigger the Job Workflow when a file is uploaded to a job.
  • Bug Fix – Payments syncing incorrectly when invoice is created during sync cycle PSA Desktop -> Proven Jobs.
  • Bug Fix – When a closed job is re-opened, only the Accounting Closed date is removed, not the Production Closed date.
  • Bug Fix – Jobs sync for mobile transferring inactive schedule jobs
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