Proven Mobile V 4.3.17

Hello PSA Users, 

The newest version of PSA Mobile Build 4.3.17 will be released tomorrow, January 25, 2022.  It will be available for download depending on Google Play and Apple Store rollout schedules. 

The new release includes:

Release Date January 25, 2022

  • Fixes for file uploading:
    • Enhancement - We have added a Pop-up confirmation message when moving away from the Attachments screen when it contains items still pending to be uploaded.
    • Bug Fix - Android - The File Chooser option was not working.
    • Bug Fix - Android and iOS – Fixes have been made to avoid loss of pictures when using our in-app camera feature.
  • Bug Fix - Addressed issue with filename that contain special characters on file downloading (only iOS); [ / \ ? % * : | " < > ]
  • Proven OnSite:
    • Bug Fix – Improved functionality on Proven OnSite buttons.
    • Bug Fix- for log-out and log-in when travel is ongoing.
    • Bug Fix - for when job does not sync and there is ongoing travel.
  • Enhancement –  An audit log now exists for Uploaded Files.  They can be exported from Sync Info>History> Export Audit Log
    • iOS user can save the file to a designated location,
    • Android will auto save to the downloads folder.
  • Enhancement - Job Lookup Screen>Job/My Schedule – A “See More” button has been added that will show a pop-up window with the full schedule notes.
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