PSA Web V11.0.11.0 Release Notes


V11.0.11.0 Release Notes

February 19th  2020 

  • New copy time card option
  • New Autofill Salesperson from employee type option in Job Options
  • New functionality - allow to edit job custom fields on closed jobs
  • Add message and prevent user from checking Transfer timecard automatically at end of period in Company Setting
  • Add Security option for replacing form PDF created from mobile
  • Add new option to view all dates on job as a default view.
  • Added functionality to sync job relationships to CRM when editing jobs in PSA Desktop
  • Improved Performance of WO Conversion process
  • Improved Performance of creating Logs from Templates
  • Fix issue where Mobile app sometimes did not transfer correct line break in text for timecards
  • Fixed issue with time clock where it was allowing users to clock into closed jobs
  • Fixed layout issue with display ALL option in Job Relationships
  • Fix to Timeline printing where the printout was getting cut off
  • Fix for QuickBooks sync to automatically push jobs and customers created by importing from Xactimate
  • New option on contact screen to import company details onto a contact when in edit mode
  • Fix for workflow where notes were not auto sending when workflow is triggered
  • Fix to correct display message when creating new organization to have date selection screens show as proper pop up screens for all browser
  • Fix to CRM sync to properly update created-by and updated-by on job
  • Fix on job date tab to show calendar pop up displaying behind workflow action box
  • Fix on Time Card Approval screen to default dates to be from the earliest timecard that has not been approved to yesterday at 11:59pm
  • Time Card page remembers From and To time
  • Time Card Approval user interface improvement
  • Time Card Approval - recalculate hours based on Start and End Time
  • Fix to not allow to change transfer time cards setting from Automatic to Manual
  • Remove autofill on job dates
  • Remove inactive referrers from Integration Xactware
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