PSA Web V11.0.8.0 Release Notes


Canam is happy to announce the release of the latest version of PSA 

October 8th  2019


  • Added default topic should be configurable and set when adding new log note
  • Added features to the Additional Status’ screen to Additional status’ to be entered from dates and lost code
  • Fix Open WO report,do not show deleted WO.
  • Time Cards Screen - Add category column
  • Time Card Approval Page - update the value of time card category and selector not saving correctly
  • Performance improvements on job add/update on API
  • Performance improvements on the Actual Cost No Rates and Actual Cost reports
  • Performance improvements on time clock listing screen
  • Fix on Job screen that was displaying another user has edited this record, cause by the Loss Description being created/edited
  • Fix on WO Screen does not load when not all workorder details are converted
  • Fix on timecard signoff not emailing
  • Fix to not show inactive employees on the equipment location dropdown
  • Fix Job Management Style 2 employee/employeetype filters incorrectly
  • Fix on the auto populate of the sales person Job create screen
  • Fix on the workflow creating duplicate log notes
  • Remove delete button on Smart Report screen
  • Fix on Smart Reports to display filter for Ad hoc reports
  • Recover report associated with custom form only recovers the report and not the actual form
  • Time To Complete for Alternative Statuses
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