PSA Web - Version Release Notes

PSA Web  - V11.0.0.0 Release Notes

Expected Release Date: November 22nd, 2018


  • Added new group by employees on “day” view of calendar
  • Added new “employees” view on the calendar
  • Added new Summarized schedule on Monthly Calendar View
  • Added new Restrict schedule to only show business days, start and end time
  • Add new Restrict schedule time visibility based on business start/end time
  • Add a button for deleting selected appointment on the Schedule screen
  • Added Organize by "Status"; "Team"; "Tech" on the Schedule screen
  • Added colors for Team
  • Added colors for Employees
  • When organised by "Status"; "Team"; "Tech", schedule events will display by associated color
  • Added to scheduled event to Show Calendar Status as Border Color
  • Added new capture schedule criteria by user to remember the options selected, for the following criteria
    • WO Only
    • Organise By
    • Schedule Status
    • Work Order Status
  • Added Statuses for events on the Schedule screen
  • Added content of tooltip when mouse hovers the event on the Schedule screen
    • Start & End Times
    • Calendar Status
    • Notes (limited to 200 characters)
  • Added Work Order Details to the Tooltip mouseover for Unscheduled Work Orders
  • Added new screen for selecting business days and business start/end time
  • Added time option on DateTime selector sliders on schedule to (DROPDOWN) increments.
  • Add Sending schedule notifications based on To, Cc and Bcc feature
  • Added new Bcc field on the create/edit schedule screen
  • Added new default appointment time that will automatically calculate from Start time
  • Added new Clock In/Out Screen option to show schedule info



Timecard Approval (new feature)

  • Added new timecard approval setup screen
  • Added new timecard approval process based on the timecard approval setup


Other new/fixes feature

  • Fix on Referral Report By Employee is not running
  • Added new Sales By Employee Report
  • Fix on Paid Jobs By Referrer Report Not Running
  • Fix on Job Duplication of Photos/Files the folders and photos are duplicated to the new job however the photos and files are no longer in their appropriate folder.
  • Fix on Exceptions notes remain in Past Due tab when Completed in the Control Center
  • Fix on Time Card Sign Off Report – rounding
  • Add calendar time picker for the Start and End fields of the "Send WO" popup screen
  • Add Mobile compression picture Size Option
  • American Profit Recovery Integration

PSAWEB Version 11 Help Guides are available on the Canam Systems Customer Portal or by asking your friendly PSA Customer Service member.

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