V10.0.11.0 Release Notes

V10.0.11.0 Release Notes

Released: July 4th 2018

  • New: QuickBooks additional sync types – Credit Card Transactions and Write Cheques
  • New: WOs for Vendor printout
  • New: Option to attach WO to a schedule notification
  • Fix: Syncing of employee type with PSA Desktop
  • Fix: Time Clock Map displays clocked in employees
  • Fix: Removed NaN and Infinity on Work Order Edit Screen
  • Fix: PSA Desktop sync pulls updated default categories and selectors from job type on the desktop
  • Fix: “Production Closed” populates correct time on job
  • Fix: PSA Desktop sync transfers replies to log notes to PSA desktop
  • Fix: Corrected Invoice QuickBooks report
  • Fix: Photo created date reflects taken date instead of uploaded date on PSA Web and PSA Mobile
  • Multiple fixes to “Add Note” screen
  • Do not allow deletion of customers attached to a job
  • Import employees icon changed on log note edit screen
  • Move link for “Attach Last Moisture Mapper Report” to Moisture Mapper tab on Job
  • Display notification when viewing job associated with an internal company
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