V11.0.15.0 Release Notes


V11.0.15.0 Release Notes

July 14th 2020

  • New Feature – In Advanced Schedule, users can now drag and drop schedules to the restricted working hours when the Allow Outside Business Hours box is selected.
  • New Feature – Print Advanced Schedule, users now can print their Advance Schedule. By clicking on the Print Button, a full schedule will display all events and a diagram of the Project Timeline Chart.
  • Enhancement - Increased performance on loading of Advanced Schedule
  • New Feature – In Advanced Schedule, a Send Notification option has been added
  • Bug Fix I Advanced Schedule, the hover functionality over scheduled items is now fully visible.
  • New Feature – Xactimate Integration, added helpful Xactimate import message instead of Red Error message
  • New Feature – Security for Job Relationship, added a security option that when selected will not allow users the ability to modify anything in the relationship tab of the job. This will be the default setting.
  • Bug Fix - Advanced Schedule – When an appointment is created the system will not allow you to book beyond your company’s default start and end time.
  • Bug Fix - Schedule - When an appointment is created in Proven Job Management it will now block the time in the Outlook calendar of the person being scheduled.
  • Bug Fix – Schedule, when a Schedule Event is cancelled or deleted in Proven Job Management it will also be cancelled in Outlook
  • Bug Fix – Advanced Schedule, in Resources the first month displayed will now default to the month of the first appointment
  • New Feature - Contractor Connection Integration is now available
  • Bug Fix - Mobile App, uploads with a space in the filename are now being uploaded correctly
  • Bug Fix - No duplicate records will be created if a user double clicks on a save button i.e. Notes, job, Contacts, etc.
  • Bug Fix – Jobs Screen, when a user goes to Job Lookup and selects the “ALL” option, if the users exits that screen and then returns, the list will default to the “ALL” option
  • Bug Fix - Control Centre - the Workflow show criteria filter issue has been fixed
  • Bug Fix – Workflow, exception added from Job->Edit-> Workflow tab is not saved
  • Bug Fix – Work Orders, the icon for sending WOs has been changed to an envelope
  • Bug Fix - PSA Desktop sync in no longer removing additional company types in Proven Job Management
  • Bug Fix –fixed to not allow add a primary type in Proven Job Management that does not correspond to PSA desktop types
  • Bug Fix - Advanced Schedule - change “Desc.” to “Subject” for consistency
  • Bug Fix – XactAnalysis, notes are now being imported when they are part of the Estimate
  • Bug Fix - Workflow - Incorrect query results after updating the workflow job contact field has now been fixed
  • Bug Fix – An attachment is now removed from calendar when an attendee is removed from a scheduled item
  • Enhancement - API new Log listing performance improvement
  • Enhancement - Updated more French Translations
  • ACT QO-14416 Modify Data Mining tool for PSA Users to import Company, Contact and Related Relationship from a standardized spreadsheet template
  • Bug Fix – Xact Import Estimates, now allows for “&” ampersand symbol
  • Enhancement – model and manufacturer fields added to equipment screens (both create and edit)
  • Enhancement – ability to restrict employees that get pushed to QBO has been added to the contact screen
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