V11.0.41.0 Release Notes

November 29th 2022 11:59pm


  • New Feature: Addition of Equipment Fields. Users now have the ability to create custom fields for the Equipment Transfer screen within Proven Jobs. This is the first phase of this new feature. The availability of this feature will also be viewable within the Proven Jobs Mobile application in the future. Proven Jobs Equipment Custom Fields
  • New Feature: Modification of Timecard Company Settings Move: Timecard Settings are in a new location within Proven Jobs Company Settings. Users can now view the new location by navigating to Settings à Company Settings à Jobs and seeing a dedicated Timecard section. Proven Jobs New Timecard Settings Tab
  • New Feature: Added Option to Delete Smart Report: Added a "Delete" button on Smart report / Proven Analytics report listing. Proven Jobs Added Option to Delete Smart Report / Proven Analytics
  • New Feature: Custom Invoice Report Template Option: Added custom invoice report template within the Work Order tab. Users can navigate to Settings à Company Settings à Jobs à Work Order tab, users will now see a new option Invoice Report Template. Please reach out to support have this new invoice Report created. Proven Jobs Custom Invoice Report Template Option
  • New Feature: Addition of Print Button within Control Center Notes Tab: Users now have the option to print from the Control Center Notes Tab with the new addition of the “Print” button. When selected it will open a note report. Proven Jobs Addition of Print Button within Control Center Notes Tab
  • Addition of Zip Code on the Invoice Report.
  • Addition of Lost Jobs in the Export Job List, prior the Export Job List only pulled Open Jobs, we have now added the ability to pull Lost jobs.
  • Fix on Paid Jobs By Referrer report - Error when running with employee type selected.
  • Fix on CRM Full Export - not exporting deleted companies/contact.
  • Fix on Note template adding the inactive e-mail of the added recipient.
  • Fix on Relationship All - Keep pagination/filtering when adding/updating a record
  • Fix Note type header on Job Management J&R report.
  • Fix issue with sorting of template fields.
  • Fix Job Type column on Export Job List.
  • Fix on performing proper validation for Note and Loss Description when creating a new job.
  • Fix on Proven Jobs -> PSA Desktop Error transferring inactive equipment location.
  • Fix to allow to create Rates in the Contacts view if the user has the “Create” permission but doesn't have “Edit” permission.
  • Fix to display 2 decimal places on Table total calculation in Custom Forms.
  • Fix to Check for inactive flag when performing equipment transfer.
  • Fix on RELATIONSHIPS - Attachment files not displayed when attachment tab is pressed after visiting Contacts -> Attachment.
  • Fix on the company settings containing timecard exceptions for lunch breaks and there are also timecard custom fields setup, the creation of timecard custom fields would fail and an error would occur.
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