Release Notes - V10.0.15.0

V10.0.15.0 Release Notes

September 5th  2018

  • Added 2 new security options view and edit own employee
  • Added Business Development Types to the contact lookup
  • Added “Relationship Types” search on the schedule screen
  • Added “Processing” spinner on duplicate jobs, if job takes longer than usual to duplicate
  • Added “Processing” spinner on Work Order screen, if WO takes longer than usual to load
  • Added dropdown criteria buttons for Work Orders on schedule screen
  • “Restrict to only Work Orders on the job”
  • “Open selected Work Order”
  • Added Show/Hide Map functionality for Clock In/Out and Edit Time Cards screen
  • Added Equipment Model and Manufacturing to PSA Desktop sync
  • Added Contacts by Business Development Types report
  • Added WO Closed report (PSA Web Only)
  • Added Notes by address report
  • Added Received Date to Open Jobs without Log report
  • Security ->Job ->Financial->do not show rate->hide column qty and cost
  • Job-Schedule added Create, Advance, Complete buttons
  • Changed the PSA Web “Help” link to the full web library
  • Fix alignment for the dropdown recipient on the job log note create/edit page
  • Fix to prevent Topic List to return duplicate entries
  • Fix prevent creating/editing contact method types that already exist
  • Fix prevent deleting contact method type if in use
  • Fix if schedule has been deleted to allow “Split Material”
  • Fix to remove system users from the Stock Location list for equipment
  • Fix to remove “Automatic Time Card Transfer” option for PSA Web Only database as it will never apply to these customers
  • Fix on Job Workflow report when emailing it shows all employees

** Server Maintenance **

** Server Maintenance **

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, we will be performing server maintenance on Wednesday, September 5th 2018, beginning at 10 pm EST for approximately 3 hours to update our services to version V10.0.15.0.

During this time, customers may experience some features / functionality to be delayed during this period. 

We have selected this time to minimize the impact to our customers.  The reliability of our services is our highest priority and this maintenance window is a key step on our path to improved stability and productivity of our products and services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Stephane McLaughlin, Customer Service Manager

Release Notes - V10.0.14.0

V10.0.14.0 Release Notes
August 15th  2018

  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop integration Service List Items to sync to products
  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop option to send the category as part of a timecard entry
  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop syncing Vendor Credits from QB to PSA Web
  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop new integration sync option to transfer companies
  • Added - double click dates on job screen will fill the current date time
  • Added - new security to view Estimated Revenue on the Job and Work Order screen
  • Added - preview image when attaching to note
  • Added - a “Business Development Type” field to Contacts
  • Added - Block delete of attachments for emailed log notes
  • Fixed - on duplicating notes to add the attached file
  • Fixed - Job Notifications create log notes in the system
  • Fixed - do not allow the user to enter the same work order number multiple times
  • Fixed - display edit button properly on job list screen
  • Fixed - removal of the convert button on the Work Order screen
  • Fixed - Customer portal user should not see reply links from other contacts unless they are public
  • Fixed - Add note page, the email address is not showing after saving
  • Remove “Title” restriction on contacts

Release Notes V10.0.13.0

V10.0.13.0 Release Notes
August 1st 2018
Job Management Updates

  • Added - Security on the convert work order button
  • Added - Button on log notes to import job and additional site emails
  • Added - Back to List button to (Edit Notices, Edit Default Number) and many others
  • Added – Edit Job Sub Type to allow sub types to apply to all job types
  • Added - Directions Field on job now fill (3) lines of text
  • Fixed - Work Order sorting
  • Fixed - Workflow notifications to now send reminders after overdue
  • Fixed – To allow log topics to be delete (PSA Web only users)
  • Fixed - Security for job edit/view in customer portal
  • Fixed - Customer portal access for customers to edit log notes
  • Fixed - Updating jobs from PSA Web to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Fixed - Sync tables used for invoices and vouchers for QuickBooks Desktop sync
  • Fixed Creating/editing payments with a ref number already in the QuickBooks sync

Job Report Updates

Added - Job Listing report to show results in company based on time zone

Release Notes - V10.0.12.0

Released - July 16th  2018

  • New - customer portal to allow contacts to create notes to a job
  • New  - thumbnail preview of job attachments when adding as an attachment to a log note
  • New  - “Salesperson” column on the customer and contact lookup
  • New - when adding contact, option to fill contact methods from customer
  • New  - option when creating jobs on the mobile to use a default company
  • New  - on Financials screen auto calculate gross margin which is based on the total actual costs
  • New  - Timecard approval report
  • New  - Work Order By Address report
  • Hours by Job report added Pay Rate Type
  • Fixes - when duplicating job a blank Work Order does not get added
  • Fixes to QuickBooks sync for the transferring of update invoices
  • Fixes to transferring credit memos as a positive value instead of negative
  • Fixes to the new feature of cheques and credit card charges and credits
  • Fixes to the log notes when adding email recipient to check for French translation “Courriel”
  • Fixed error when entering date and workflow is not completed for this date.
  • Fixes on Invoice QuickBooks report not working
  • Control Center schedule to have job name
  • Generate contact methods for customer when creating a new job
  • Form sign from customer portal as option

Release Notes V10.0.11.0

V10.0.11.0 Release Notes
Released - July 4th 2018

Job Management Report Updates 
New - QuickBooks additional sync types – Credit Card Transactions and Write Cheques
New - WOs for Vendor printout
New - Option to attach WO to a schedule notification
Fix - Syncing of employee type with PSA Desktop
Fix - Time Clock Map displays clocked in employees
Fix - Removed NaN and Infinity on Work Order Edit Screen
Fix - PSA Desktop sync pulls updated default categories and selectors from job type on the desktop
Fix - “Production Closed” populates correct time on job
Fix - PSA Desktop sync transfers replies to log notes to PSA desktop
Fix - Corrected Invoice QuickBooks report
Fix - Photo created date reflects taken date instead of uploaded date on PSA Web and PSA Mobile
Multiple fixes  to “Add Note” screen
Misc. Updates
Do not allow deletion of customers attached to a job
Import employees icon changed on log note edit screen
Move link for “Attach Last Moisture Mapper Report” to Moisture Mapper tab on Job
Display notification when viewing job associated with an internal company


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