PSA WEB Releases Notes - V11.0.4.0 - April 3rd 2019

V11.0.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: April 3, 2019

  • On Budget Hours Report From Date changed to current
  • Added Work e-mail, work phone, mobile2, lost code and lost comments to Mail Merge
  • Added the Closed button for Jobs that were lost
  • Added "KEY ACCESS" to Log Note Template
  • Added sending emails with Signature and Display Name
  • Custom Form split DateTime Validation to Date and Time entity
  • PSA Web to PSA desktop sync -Fixed renamed file
  • Fix on Attachments (images, docs, etc.) randomly not transferring to Xact
  • Improved performance for transferring Attachments (images, docs, etc.) to Xact
  • Fix actual cost for closed jobs to display only closed jobs in job dropdown
  • Added for More Floods on Platinum (Status) Column is not displayed in the Relationships Menu/ Contact and Relationships/ Companies/Contacts pages
  • Fix on Edit Job Types, when trying to edit a job type by adding Categories, save did not work.
  • Fix on QBO sync causing a problem with QB vendors where we were removing a 1099 flag that allows the client to track the vendor as a contractor.
  • Fix on schedule notifications sending to inactive email contact methods
  • Fix on Log Templates not pulling the correct Referral Company or Contact
  • Fix on Lost Jobs that were closed, the job was not showing the Lost Code or comments
  • Fixes on Control Center for button (Not Paid, Approved, WIP)
  • Fix Employee Schedule Detail Report
  • Release Flooring Estimate Date Report
  • Fix on Job Type Edit page, show only active Categories
  • Fix do not remove dates types from PSA Web If they do not exist in PSA Desktop
  • When removing job contact and the contact has workflow attached, system will give message work flow will be removed
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