Release Notes - V11.0.5.0


V11.0.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date:  April 30th  2019

  • Created new Alternative Job Status feature
  • Created new Date Type by Job Type feature
  • Added totals to custom forms
  • Added confirmation message when removing Employee if there is workflow
  • Added possibility to enter several rows in Description field in Work Order Details
  • Lock editing timecards Description after timecards have been transferred to costing or PSA Desktop
  • Update Selector maximum field size to 100
  • Fix on the schedule time not updating properly for the pdf email attachment
  • Fix on schedule WO to updated date modified to sync back to integrations via API.
  • Fix on PSA Desktop sync for equipment transfers to use the correct GL Accounts.
  • Fix to block deleting employees if they have time cards that have not transferred to costing or PSA Desktop
  • Fix on web pay rates security issue
  • Fix on Hours by Job Report
  • Remove compression banner/information for Job Attachments, related to compressed size
  • Added the following Merge Fields :-
    • Adjuster Information
    • Agent Information
    • Insurance Information
    • Estimated Revenue
    • Loss Description
    • Reason For Close
    • Work e-mail
    • Work phone
    • Mobile
    • Lost Code
    • Lost Comments
  • Add attention field to Job Lookup
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