PSA Web V10.0.3.0 Release Notes March 6th, 2018

(Release Date: March 6th, 2018)

  • Job Management Updates:
  • Added – Additional Security privileges for accessing General Notes
  • Added – If two users update the same job, system prompts a message that changes have been applied
  • Fixed – Issue on desktop when renaming files caused duplicates copies to appear in web
  • Fixed – If general notes are removed in desktop they will also remove in web
  • Fixed - Auto folder creations to not appear in contacts/companies tab
  • Fixed – Issue where “Next” option was not working in logs & attachments.
  • Fixed – When selecting timecard rounding seconds are no longer included
  • Fixed - Security on employee to lock down only rates table
  • Fixed – Issue with replying to emails in log notes
  • Fixed – Job counts in control center No Paid/Complete buttons
  • Fixed - Control Center not displaying the correct (#) of Job for selected status
  • Fixed - Workflow triggers with ZIP or COUNTY as info criteria
  • Fixed - Workflow triggers when duplicating job
  • Fixed – Error message display when Job Sub Type is cleared after Past Due Trigger is entered.
  • Restricted - Customer; Vendor & Internal types from showing in relationship dropdown


  • Report Update:
  • Added - Referral & Paid Job by Referrer option to sort by Employee, Type & grouping By Employee
  • Xactanalysis Integration
  • Fixed – Importing issue when estimated have an ampersands in customer name


  • Moisture Mapper Integration
  • Added - Filter closed/lost jobs from un-linked list in the moisture mapper import screen
  • Restricted - Sync With Moisture Mapper for closed/lost jobs unless previously linked


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