PSA WEB Release notes - V10.0.4.0


(Release Date: March 21st 2018)

Jobs Management Updates
Added – “Save as PDF” button to e-forms that directly add into job attachments
Added – Pop-up Notifications while saving job in the web
Added – ACT column added to WO main view
Added - Product default price/cost auto population based on product setup
Added - Ability to “Send WO” to also select subcontractor
Added - Ability to download selected attachments to local drive as a zip fil
Added - Default marketing positions for new databases (web only clients)
Fixed - Job numbering sequence that allowed duplicates when creating job
Fixed - Log note “reply” functionality in PSA Web
Fixed – Log notes to use actual created date when syncing to the desktop.
Fixed - Notifications from desktop that did not contain name/number when synced
Fixed - Display of created/updated dates on attachment screens
Fixed – Attachments  appear sequentially based on the order they were uploaded
Fixed - Control Center date ranges for both the workflow and schedule tabs
Fixed – The sorting and re-ordering in Control Center Workflow tab
Fixed - Synchronization of certificate updates PSA Web
Fixed - Schedule to have mouse over functionality to display all event 

XactAnalysis Integration Updates:
Fixed - Import failing when no contact name presented
Fixed - Note duplication when unlink/relink a job into PSA web 

QuickBooks Integration Updates:
Fixed - Issue on invoices with not taxed line items
Upgraded PSA Web to .NET 4.6.1 for QuickBooks Online integration

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