New Release #2

We're currently preparing PSA Tech Manager release 2. This new release brings many new features and interface tweaks including:


  • Create/Edit jobs.
  • Clock In/Out now records location on both clock in and clock out.
  • Pictures/Documents can be uploaded to PSA Tech Manager and then transfer down to your copy of PSA.
  • Materials entry now supports unit of measure.


  • Create/Edit/Delete companies
  • Create/Edit/Delete contacts


  • Users will no longer be logged out if they are inactive for 15 minutes.
  • Users will no longer be unable to log in if another session is open for the same user account, the first session will be closed instead.

This will necessitate approximately 1 hour of downtime at 11:59pm on  Wednesday February 12, 2014. PSA Tech Manager will be unavailable, the PSA desktop application will be unaffected.


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