Proven Job Management and CRM Release Notes

Proven Job Management

V11.0.12.0 Release Notes 

  • Update - When a Related Relationship is added to one customer, that customer will now automatically be added a Related Relationship on other customer record as well; therefore, the related relationship is created in both records.
  • Update - In User Settings > Configure Job Lookup Columns - the completed percent field has been added as a selectable column.
  • Update - A column was added to the Actual Cost Report to show the amount of time equipment is on a job by "day".
  • Update - Users can not longer create parents in Proven Job Management if linked to Proven Desktop
  • Update - Limit job relationship to one per type for PSA Desktop syncing types
  • Update – Integration-> Xactware:  XactAnalysis (XA) job notes imported from a linked XA assignment will now reflect “Sync System” as the employee opposed to the name of the employee that linked the XA assignment in Proven Job Management (PSA Web).
  • Report - Time Card Sign Off Report - A data set called "NOTE" was added to allow for customization. "NOTE" refers to the description note captured on a timecard.
  • Fix - AR NSF returned payments now to sync to Proven Job Management from Proven Desktop
  • Fix - Customers, Payments and Invoices from Quick Books that sync to Proven Job Management will now sync to Proven CRM automatically
  • Fix - The vendor contact notes are not longer being duplicated when syncing from the Proven Desktop.
  • Fix - On a past due workflow when the action is selected - when a date is required and an exception note is entered, the date will now save to the job.
  • Fix - Salesperson is no longer being removed from the Contact in Proven Job Management when syncing from the desktop.
  • Fix - Contact methods no longer being removed from Proven Job Management by the sync from Proven Desktop i.e. Extension.
  • Fix - Time Card Date Range filter has been fixed.
  • Fix - When approving timecards where the employee name is the same as final approval, the timecard can now be approved.
  • Fix - If job relationships are removed in Proven Job Management, they will now update the job in Proven CRM.
  • Fix - Policy Holder Address is now syncing to PSA Desktop
  • Fix -Timeline will reflect special characters in name i.e. O'Toole
  • Fix – Integration -> Xactware -> Import: An error message will now populate if no job is selected from the drop-down list prompting the user to make a selection.
  • Fix – Integration -> Xactware:  The import of the XactAnalysis assignment will no longer overwrite/replace the existing Loss Description on the job in Proven Job Management (PSA Web) unless the checkbox is applied to do so.
  • Fix - When addresses are syncing over from customers and contacts in Proven Job Management they will automatically fill in the default address in Proven CRM


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