V11.0.35.0 Release Notes

April 18th 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Workflow Incomplete Permission: Added additional ability within security roles, Roles -> Jobs -> Job -> Allow Workflow Incomplete. This new security option allows users the ability to mark a Workflow Incomplete. Proven Jobs - Workflow Incomplete Security
  • New Feature: Encircle File Import Configuration: Users now have the ability within Settings -> Company Settings -> Integration to define a folder path for imported Encircle Photos and/or Documents. Proven Jobs - Encircle File Import Configuration
  • New Feature: Franchise Royalty Report: Franchise Royalty Report includes option to deduct program referral fees, by defining the Referral Fee GL Account within Settings -> Company Settings -> Integration, select Referral Account. Proven Jobs - Royalty Franchise Report - Referral Fee Deductions
  • New Feature: Employee Contact Classification: Within the Log Note create/edit page, development has added a feature to classify internal contact by utilizing the wrench icon. Proven Jobs - Log Note Creation Employee Contact Classification
  • New Feature: PO Number / Job Look-Up: The PO Number field has been added and is now available within the Job Look-Up screen. To add navigate Settings à User Settings -> Jobs -> Select Configure Job Lookup Columns
  • Fix: Remove Add Cancelled date security permission as this is no longer being utilized.
  • Fix: Modification to “Open Work Order” report default is set to “Yes” on Show All Open WO Parameter.
  • Fix: Change to “Sales By Employee Type” report to use fiscal year instead of calendar year.
  • Fix: Change in Timecard Approval set up screen to the order using arrow up or down was not saving.
  • Fix: Update to “Open Work Order” to fix incorrect calculations.
  • Fix: Voided or Deleted Invoices/Payments not syncing to Proven CRM job outstanding/paid value.
  • Fix: Workflow not triggered when date was updated from Proven Jobs Mobile -
  • Fix: Workflow Trigger on Job Attachments: When using Trigger of Job Attachments on Image upload, system was utilizing image upload date, not date image was taken.
  • Fix: “Invoice QuickBooks” report displaying invoices on deleted jobs.
  • Fix: Paid Jobs bubble in Control center, total count was including closed jobs.
  • Fix: Block editing franchise user on individual franchisee database
  • Fix: Log notes from multi-sequence job workflow do not all sync over to CRM
  • Fix: “Incentive detail” report showing incorrect cost/revenue.
  • Fix: Estimated Revenue and Paid Invoice sync from Proven Jobs to Proven CRM
  • Fix: Issue with updating Schedule invite within Calendar from “All Day Appointment” to “Non-All Day” Appointment was not reflecting in Google Calendar. (Time Zone Related)
  • Fix: Change to the to-do due date, Due Date field should not have any relation with the company setting schedule End Time that is defined within Settings -> Company Settings ->  Jobs 
  • Fix: When duplicating attachments, retain original creator and timestamps.


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