PSA Web V11.0.10.0 Release Notes


V11.0.10.0 Release Notes

December 12th, 2019 

  • New OAuth2 authentication application to work with new API for QuickBooks Online.   
    •  PSA support will call all clients affected to facilitate use of the new connection.
  • New Job Date Interface change to show all available date fields
  • Add Alternative Status on Job Create if the Received Date is filled
  • Add confirmation bar when trying to make a log note public
  • Added Job Lost Description to the Proven CRM integration
  • Fix issue with creating a log note added when changing Alternative Status
  • Fix for the Time Card screen where the description was not showing in the list
  • Fixed ability to set attachments as Secured
  • Fixed issue with synching Lost/Closed and deleted jobs to Proven CRM
  • Fixed issue with Payments and Invoices not updating Amount Paid and Outstanding amount in CRM
  • Add in company setup option to replace Form PDF with Last form PDF uploaded from mobile
  • Add “All” option on job relationship tab


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