Release Notes - V10.0.14.0

V10.0.14.0 Release Notes
August 15th  2018

  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop integration Service List Items to sync to products
  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop option to send the category as part of a timecard entry
  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop syncing Vendor Credits from QB to PSA Web
  • Added - for QuickBooks desktop new integration sync option to transfer companies
  • Added - double click dates on job screen will fill the current date time
  • Added - new security to view Estimated Revenue on the Job and Work Order screen
  • Added - preview image when attaching to note
  • Added - a “Business Development Type” field to Contacts
  • Added - Block delete of attachments for emailed log notes
  • Fixed - on duplicating notes to add the attached file
  • Fixed - Job Notifications create log notes in the system
  • Fixed - do not allow the user to enter the same work order number multiple times
  • Fixed - display edit button properly on job list screen
  • Fixed - removal of the convert button on the Work Order screen
  • Fixed - Customer portal user should not see reply links from other contacts unless they are public
  • Fixed - Add note page, the email address is not showing after saving
  • Remove “Title” restriction on contacts

Release Notes V10.0.13.0

V10.0.13.0 Release Notes
August 1st 2018
Job Management Updates

  • Added - Security on the convert work order button
  • Added - Button on log notes to import job and additional site emails
  • Added - Back to List button to (Edit Notices, Edit Default Number) and many others
  • Added – Edit Job Sub Type to allow sub types to apply to all job types
  • Added - Directions Field on job now fill (3) lines of text
  • Fixed - Work Order sorting
  • Fixed - Workflow notifications to now send reminders after overdue
  • Fixed – To allow log topics to be delete (PSA Web only users)
  • Fixed - Security for job edit/view in customer portal
  • Fixed - Customer portal access for customers to edit log notes
  • Fixed - Updating jobs from PSA Web to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Fixed - Sync tables used for invoices and vouchers for QuickBooks Desktop sync
  • Fixed Creating/editing payments with a ref number already in the QuickBooks sync

Job Report Updates

Added - Job Listing report to show results in company based on time zone


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