Release Notes - V10.0.9.0

PSA Web V10.0.9.0 Release Notes
(Released on May 30th, 2018)

Jobs Management Updates:

Added - User definable Job Lookup screen
Added – Automatically enter received date when creating job from mobile
Added – Option when duplicating job to copy “Policy Holder & Additional Info”
Added - Save & edit option when creating a new Company
Added – Moisture Mapper report import link on job information screen
Added – Message Prompt when Property Company on Job is different (from original) Property Owner, if the Property Owner should be replaced

Fixed - Do not allow topics to be deleted that have previously been used 
Fixed - Loss Description refresh when added, updated or deleted
Fixed - Workflow & log note sending email to inactive contacts
Fixed – When clicking the add button in log note screen if email is empty
Fixed - Data Mining issues when import from templates
Fixed - Job Notification to allow multiple Job Contacts to be selected
Fixed - Show default work order on Schedule Create/Edit screen dropdown
Fixed - Show the actual email recipient on log note replies
Fixed - Log note create/edit when importing job contacts and/or employees
Fixed - Active Job Management report with address 

Release Notes - V10.0.8.0

PSA Web V10.0.8.0 Release Notes
(Released on May 16th. 2018)

Jobs Management Updates:
Added - Search by Work Order option on job list (open job or work order)
Added - Security to Prevent deletion of contact titles that are in use
Added - Alphabetically sort forms in job attachment dropdown
Added - Prevent WO for lost jobs from displaying in the schedule list 
Added - Increase subject line displayed for log notes from 50 to 100 characters
Added - Keep attachments in email chain when sending/receiving replies
Added – New Screen to create a note for a job without having to open
Added - Warning to prevent a company from being assigned to itself
Added - Option to deduce duplication of customers by name & address
Added – Option to show/hide/total dollars when sending work orders
Added - Allow download of log attachments from log edit/create
Added - Display more email types in log note recipients
Added - Ability to Role Security for “Select All” on date security

Fixed - Filter by room on equipment history/job equipment screens
Fixed - The note field changing the page layout for closed work orders
Fixed - The default location on time clock to be based on company location
Fixed - Error message when filling a contact address on job with no address
Fixed - Remain on selected WO after using the Sub-Trade Agreed Quote button
Fixed - Duplication in company list when company has two or more similar types

Removed - Topics used by the system from the topic list to prevent edit/deletion
Web Report Updates:
Added - Job Management Active with Address report
Added - Timesheet report to put each employee on its own page
Added - Weekly payroll time report
Added - Job Management Reports to Change Closed date to Production Closed

Fixed - Property management report by related site


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