V11.0.15.0 Release Notes


V11.0.15.0 Release Notes

July 14th 2020

  • New Feature – In Advanced Schedule, users can now drag and drop schedules to the restricted working hours when the Allow Outside Business Hours box is selected.
  • New Feature – Print Advanced Schedule, users now can print their Advance Schedule. By clicking on the Print Button, a full schedule will display all events and a diagram of the Project Timeline Chart.
  • Enhancement - Increased performance on loading of Advanced Schedule
  • New Feature – In Advanced Schedule, a Send Notification option has been added
  • Bug Fix I Advanced Schedule, the hover functionality over scheduled items is now fully visible.
  • New Feature – Xactimate Integration, added helpful Xactimate import message instead of Red Error message
  • New Feature – Security for Job Relationship, added a security option that when selected will not allow users the ability to modify anything in the relationship tab of the job. This will be the default setting.
  • Bug Fix - Advanced Schedule – When an appointment is created the system will not allow you to book beyond your company’s default start and end time.
  • Bug Fix - Schedule - When an appointment is created in Proven Job Management it will now block the time in the Outlook calendar of the person being scheduled.
  • Bug Fix – Schedule, when a Schedule Event is cancelled or deleted in Proven Job Management it will also be cancelled in Outlook
  • Bug Fix – Advanced Schedule, in Resources the first month displayed will now default to the month of the first appointment
  • New Feature - Contractor Connection Integration is now available
  • Bug Fix - Mobile App, uploads with a space in the filename are now being uploaded correctly
  • Bug Fix - No duplicate records will be created if a user double clicks on a save button i.e. Notes, job, Contacts, etc.
  • Bug Fix – Jobs Screen, when a user goes to Job Lookup and selects the “ALL” option, if the users exits that screen and then returns, the list will default to the “ALL” option
  • Bug Fix - Control Centre - the Workflow show criteria filter issue has been fixed
  • Bug Fix – Workflow, exception added from Job->Edit-> Workflow tab is not saved
  • Bug Fix – Work Orders, the icon for sending WOs has been changed to an envelope
  • Bug Fix - PSA Desktop sync in no longer removing additional company types in Proven Job Management
  • Bug Fix –fixed to not allow add a primary type in Proven Job Management that does not correspond to PSA desktop types
  • Bug Fix - Advanced Schedule - change “Desc.” to “Subject” for consistency
  • Bug Fix – XactAnalysis, notes are now being imported when they are part of the Estimate
  • Bug Fix - Workflow - Incorrect query results after updating the workflow job contact field has now been fixed
  • Bug Fix – An attachment is now removed from calendar when an attendee is removed from a scheduled item
  • Enhancement - API new Log listing performance improvement
  • Enhancement - Updated more French Translations
  • ACT QO-14416 Modify Data Mining tool for PSA Users to import Company, Contact and Related Relationship from a standardized spreadsheet template
  • Bug Fix – Xact Import Estimates, now allows for “&” ampersand symbol
  • Enhancement – model and manufacturer fields added to equipment screens (both create and edit)
  • Enhancement – ability to restrict employees that get pushed to QBO has been added to the contact screen

Server Maintenance Window Friday July 3rd, 2020 11PM-12AM EST

** Server Maintenance **

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, we will be performing server maintenance on Friday, July 3rd, beginning at 11 pm EST for approximately 60 minutes to update our psarcweb.com services.

During this time, customers may experience some features / functionality to be delayed during this period. 

We have selected this time to minimize the impact to our customers.  The reliability of our services is our highest priority and this maintenance window is a key step on our path to improved stability and productivity of our products and services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Michael Hogan

Technical Support Manager


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