PSA Mobile Release Notes V4.2

This latest version of our Mobile App will require users to download the PSA Smart Tech Mobile App from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store the app.

Updated Features include :

  • Redesigned Job Lookup Screen
  • Added Employee/Tech Daily & Weekly Schedule.
  • Added “Clock in” button on Job Information screen
  • Job Dates on Information screen are now displayed in logical order.
  • Added contact methods to come into relationships on the job for quick call or email 
  • Redesigned “Photo” Tab inside Job.
  • Not required to click camera each time they need to take a photo 
  • Added default “Filename” to automatically fill photo label
  • Added automatic prompt to annotation pictures,  
  • Added ability to create sub folders on mobile
  • Added button to download images previously collected on the job .
  • Added additional field types on e-forms:
    • Add Field type “Currency”
    • Add Field type “Picture Box”
    • Add Field type “Table” ,to have summary option by column and rows and be able to specify what column and row to summarize
    • Added auto fill for Marketing Position Names
    • Added auto fill for Marketing Position Contact Methods     
    • Auto save completed forms as attachment (PDF) back on the job
  • Redesign equipment tracking screen
  • Added will now show what equipment was left on Job 
  • Added pop-up to let tech know if equipment has been left on site 
  • Added Auto clock out functionality
  • Added pop-up for tech if they were auto clocked out
  • Improved Time Card transfer functionality


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