Release Notes V11.0.7.0 - August 21, 2019

Release Notes 

Release Date: Wednesday August 21st 2019

  • New - restricted type feature security on Company Types
  • New- Workflow Notifications will be held between time and sent out after the pause period.
  • New - expand feature for the Timecard Approval page on the description field
  • New - Ability to complete a task from the advanced schedule
  • New – WJM and QB Customers - Add invoice and voucher number to work order screen
  • New - Add Subtrade to work order screen – summary side
  • New - Add date total and order by date on timecard Signoff Reports
  • New - Add Report Type Column to Smart Report Screen – “Built-in” will not allow edits
  • Stop editing of static smart reports
  • New - Block deletion of Closed Work Orders
  • New - add checkbox; Schedule WO view; do not include subtrade
  • Fix - on the scanning of barcodes in Materials and Equipment
  • Fix - Attachments filename and folders to not allow special characters
  • Fix - Create/Edit Equipment will not allow duplicate bar codes
  • Fix - Control Center - now showing the correct data for paid, approved and not paid,
  • Fix - Control Center performance issues
  • Fix - Workflow end trigger that was showing a server error
  • Fix - Mail Merge displays error after the document was opened for 1-2 minutes and clears the fields, corrupting the file
  • Fix - Job Note report sent by email parameters
  • Fix - Labour costs are not in order of “date” on Actual Cost Report
  • Fixed issue when PSA Desktop has the same email twice on a log note the log note would not sync to PSA web
  • Fixed issue with Percent complete is syncing with decimal places to PSA desktop
  • Fix - Time Sheet Style2 not grouping and emailing correctly
  • Fix issue with Discounts on AR Payments
  • Fix Custom forms "Save To" do not set the last modified date so the job does not sync to desktop
  • Fix on the labor hours being duplicated on Job Hours by Category Report
  • Fix Workflow should be created only for the workflow setup with the right Parent
  • Fix on the formatting of the job numbers
  • Fix when replying to a log note that has inactive attachment, after click save button, error happens on the server side, and client got no response or message.
  • Fix on Inventory Marked Inactive in Desktop should sync as delete to Web


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