New Release #5

The new version of PSA Job Management has been released. We are rolling out the update over the next week. As with the previous release, version 14 of PSA is required. Please note that support for syncing to PSA version 13 is ending soon, all users will need to update to version 14 of PSA.

New Features

  • Import and Export to XactAnalysis.
  • Display map locations for clock in and clock out screens.
  • Display map locations for time cards entered via clock in.
  • Time clock screen, master control for clocking users in and out.
  • Display totals on job financials screen.
  • New button for displaying audit trail (created, edited) information on all edit screens. See top right corner.
  • Lead now defaults to the first employee added to a schedule event.
  • Support for BlackBerry OS 10.
  • New mobile app for Android and iOS (Click here for details).  


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