New Release #6

The new version of PSA Job Management has been released. We are rolling out the update now. 

New Features

  • Work Orders (Create/Edit/Delete)
  • Job Edit, added ability to remove Xactanalysis link.
  • Job Edit, new fields: Subtype and Building Type.
  • Job Create, new quick entry layout.
  • Job List, search by Employee (PM/Estimator/Etc.)
  • Schedule, Technician view and routing.
  • Materials, barcode scanner support
  • Equipment Tracking (Scan/Admin)
  • Clock In, select category/selector (with security)
  • Timecard Sync, diagnostic messages if there is an exception.
  • Xactimate Import, including support for Xactimate Web.
  • Logikos Export, add and update job sites.
  • Barcode Scanning, scan codes with your mobile phone or tablet*.
*support requires a compatible device with a high-resolution camera.


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