PSA Mobile Update

A new update, version 2, is available for the PSA Mobile app. This update brings the following highly requested features:

  • The ability to upload multiple images from one screen.
  • Equipment tracking, scan equipment to and from job.
  • Equipment tracking, supporting bluetooth scanners (including Opticon) and scanning via camera.
  • Displays the job address on the job selection screen.
  • Displays the currently clocked in job and address.
  • Clock in directly from job to job.
  • Clock in, select category and selector (optional).
  • Clock out, display multiple lines in the description field.
  • Sync history, displays all transferred time by day, organized by time card.
The PSA Mobile app is included with all PSA Web licenses, existing users will receive an update via Google Play/App Store. New users can download the app for Android or iPhone/iPad.


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