New Release #8

The new version of PSA Job Management has been released. We are beginning to roll out the update now.

New Features

  • Files
    • Store files indefinitely.
    • Updated interface with icons/list view.
    • Filter by file type.
    • Attach to companies.
    • Attach to contacts.
    • Add function for user to choose to send selected files to PSA.
  • Logs
    • Attach file to log.
    • On email, attach file.
  • Schedule
    • Attach file to schedule.
    • On email, attach file.
  • Time Clock
    • Display locations of all currently clocked in employees and the jobs they’re clocked in to.
    • Lunch functionality expanded to Time Card Exceptions, funcationality to set time-specific rates.
  • Work Order
    • Syncronized subtrades with schedule.
    • Support for roofing pitch calculations. (contact support if you need help enabling this feature)
  • Client Portal
    • Allow customers/providers/estimators to log in and view their job status.
    • Add service requests.
    • Username and password are defined on contact screen.
  • Xactware Sync
    • List which items are linked to which jobs.
  • Quickbooks Sync
    • Sync Companies.
    • Sync Employees.
    • Sync Jobs.
    • Sync Invoices.
    • Sync Vouchers.
    • Sync Payables.
    • Sync Receivables.
    • Sync Time Cards.


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