PSA Mobile Release V4.0.3 - IMPORTANT MESSAGE -

Please read below

It has come to our attention that there are a number of mobile users that are experiencing issues and in some cases lost data in the mobile app post the Version 4.0.3.  Prior to the update of 4.0.3, we recommended that users turn off automatic updates prior to the new release. 

If your device has been updated 4.0.3 before syncing all existing data back into the web you may need to contact support for further assistance, If the below instructions do not solve your issue.

STEP ONE - Verify your version
To check your app version from the main menu screen select the link in the bottom right corner "About PSA Mobile" it will list the version number at the top of that screen. 

STEP TWO - Check you sync status 
If you have not updated to 4.0.3 please follow the Instructions below, if your version has automatically updated your sync screen will show the app trying to sync, but the re-try sync buttons will be greyed out. Contact our support center for further instruction.

Phone: 866-992-2626 X2

STEP THREE - Clear Cashed Data, Delete & Re-Install the App  
Once the information has sync'd please clear data, delete PSA mobile app and re-install the latest version. Any data that is unable to sync from the PSA mobile app to the web when the update occurs will be lost and will need to be manually re-entered.

This latest version of our Mobile App will require users to download the PSA Smart Tech Mobile App from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store the app. We recommend that users turn off their Auto-update features on their devices and Manually perform the update. 

 1. Users need to ensure that they have completed a sync Prior to installing PSA Smart Tech Mobile App version 4.0.3.  Information not synced may not transfer to the new version of the app.

2. If you have any issues, please report to BEFORE doing the update. Data Loss, including time cards could be affected.

3a. If you are on Android, a clean install may need to be performed, by clearing data from settings prior to uninstalling and re-installing from the Play Store. 

3b. On iOS devices, simply uninstalling and re-installing should be sufficient.

 To install the latest version of the PSA Smart Tech Mobile App go to either

Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for PSA Mobile App to check for availability.

User Guides for PSA Smart Tech Mobile App can be found on the Canam Systems Customer Portal:


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