PSA Web V11.0.9.0 Release Notes

November 14th  2019

  • New Xactimate integration via Web Services
  • Added option to sync PSA Dates to XactAnalysis
  • Added timecard "delete own" security option
  • Added sort option on job attachment list view screen
  • Added Matterport iframe to Job Edit
  • Added ability to reopen closed Work Order for QuickBooks integrated companies
  • Improve performance on timecard approval screen
  • Fixed issue where you could not search by description in Timecard screen
  • Fixed "Employee Type" and "Employee" filters on open Work Order Report 
  • Fixed Restriction ability on Advance schedule for “non workdays”
  • Advance Schedule added ability to re-sequence
  • Fixed error when auto-filling received date from workflow notification for employee type
  • Fixed Merge Work Order to not allow merge when Work Order is converted/locked
  • Fixed Actual Cost/Actual Cost No Rates Report, corrected Actual Revenue amount
  • Fixed Open Work Order not filtering when emailed
  • Display warning message for QuickBooks integrated companies when converting a Work Order for a job linked to the internal company
  • Fixed printing notes from job
  • Fixed Workflow setup where making changes to the workflow caused duplicate log notes
  • Fixed issue with Floors and Rooms not importing properly from XactAnalysis
  • Modify Company Note Report to be able to run for all companies
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