V11.0.3.0 Release Notes - Feb 26 2019

V11.0.3.0 Release Notes
Release Date: February 26th 2019

  • Add new Mail-Merge feature
  • On the Work Order section-> Create Attachment button->a popup dialog the value of the Show Cost drop down should be set according to the value set in Company Settings
  • Changed from date to today on the Time Card Approval report
  • Improve performance on the Actual Cost report
  • Fixes to the Actual Cost report showing correct amounts.
  • Fix do not delete customers in PSA inactive in QB desktop
  • Fix on the More Floods feature for Year Built structure to on allow numeric entries
  • Fix on the “Transfer time card automatically at end of period” checkbox in Company Settings disappear after Save and appears after page refresh
  • Fix on the Employee schedule “All Day” events, therefore, it shows up at the top of the calendar, which made it difficult to view the tasks that are scheduled at specific times on the same day.
  • Apply a warning message when trying to remove all time card approval setup records, thus go back to transfer process from approval, if there are time cards in the Posted time card periods not fully approved
  • Fix to the Time Card Approval report
  • Fix to the QuickBooks Online updating Vendors with 1099 to wrong option
  • Fix on the PSA Web to PSA desktop sync -When renaming file
  • Fixed to the Control Center in relation to the buttons
  • Fixed to the customer portal to add message if the username already exists.
  • Fix in Settings -> Company Settings -> Jobs tab -> Edit Job Types, when try to edit a job type by adding Categories, save does not work, for PSA Desktop client, it should not be allowed to edit Categories and Selectors.
  • Add reply Email for schedule appointments
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