Proven Jobs Release notes February 21, 2022

V11.0.33.0 Release Notes

February 21st 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Editing Images within a Job File: Allows for the ability to edit images within the job in any view option. Users now have the option to Rotate or Crop the image, once edited the users will have the ability to save or save a copy of the image.  Proven Jobs Editing Images
  • New Feature: Job Audit Trail:  A Job Audit Trail is now available. Users have the option to perform an audit within a Job File based on the Info, Dates and Relationships tab. In addition, users have the option to perform a system wide audit within Settingsà Proven Jobs Job Audit Trail
  • New Feature: Job Look-Up Export: Addition of Export to CSV button on Job Look-Up Screen. Users can Export data filtered within Job Look-Up screen by selecting “Export Job List”. Proven Jobs Job Look-Up Export
  • New Feature: Matterport: New support For Multiple Links on Job File.
  • New Feature: Control Center Modifications: Updated Control Center, new stage “Paid” has been created. Images have also been updated. Proven Jobs Control Center Modifications
  • New Feature: Referral Report by Employee: Revenue column added to “Referral Report By Employee”. Paid Date has been added as a report filtering parameter. Proven Jobs Referral Report by Employee
  • New Feature: Ability to Add Multiple Job Types & Subtypes to a Single Workflow Users have the option to add multiple Job Types and the associated sub types to a single Workflow Set Up. Proven Jobs Workflow Modification
  • New Feature: Work Order Addition of Date Created: Added “Date Created” column to Work Order Screen within Job File Proven Jobs Work Order Date Created
  • New Feature: Time Sheet Report Addition of the “All” option with the "Show Inactive" Employees Parameter ,”Time Sheet report” Proven Jobs Time Sheet Report Modification
  • New Feature: Modification on Google Address Lookup Box, this was completed to coincide with our Proven CRM software.
  • New Feature: Access Linked Encircle Job File from Job, Users have the ability to access Encircle from within Proven Jobs job file from within the newly created Encircle tab. Proven Jobs Access Encircle
  • Fix: Proven OnSite Label: Addition of Error message for Default Proven OnSite Label in Company Settings page – Maximum length of characters is 30 for this label area. If exceeding when user selects save, an error message will appear indicating that user has exceeded the character limit. Proven Jobs - Proven OnSite Label
  • Fix If Unit was not entered upon entry of Xactimate line item. Importing into Proven Jobs will default the unit to Ea (Each).
  • Fix Emergency Tracker report modifications.
  • Fix: Jobs sync updates for Proven Jobs Mobile transferring inactive job schedules.
  • Fix: Work Order Issue - Update Category and selector not updating
  • Fix: Inline Work Order Description Multiple lines issues displays as single line
  • Fix issue with concurrency on timecard period inserting
  • New Feature: To Do Reply Note Topic Users have the option to set a Default Note Topic to ‘To-Do” Reply’s, SettingsàCompany Settingsà Relationships Proven Jobs To-Do Reply Note Topic
  • Fix on Employee that has been recovered via Recovered/ Deleted that did not recover employee record if that had been deleted as well.
  • Fix on Job Management New report - exception when employee roles not set.
  • Fix on Public uploads so that they cannot be deleted if language is French.
  • Fix to Symbility synchronization - Does not export public files if Import Attachments is not selected.
  • Fix Duplicated log notes for past due workflow
  • Fix: QuickBooks Desktop to Proven Jobs Credit Card: Credit does not sync when payee is not in Proven Jobs within RelationshipsàCompanies
  • New Feature: Send Company to QuickBooks on Selected Date: The addition within in company settings to trigger the sync of Customer and Job to QuickBooks if selected date has been entered on the Job File (pertains to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop) Proven Jobs - Job Date Send to QuickBooks
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Sync: In addition to the above new feature, Proven Solutions team has also added the addition of the Sync to QuickBooks Integration at the Customer Level. This feature can be utilized in conjunction with the date feature above or as a stand alone option. (pertains to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop) Proven Jobs QuickBooks Integration Customer Record
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