Proven Jobs Release Notes

V11.0.34.0 Release Notes
March 21st 2022 11:59pm

  • New Feature: Proven Jobs – Encircle Sync: When a document or photo is deleted within the Encircle file, it will also be deleted within the linked Proven Jobs file. Proven Jobs Encircle Delete Sync
  • New Feature: Job Audit Trail Closed & Deleted Job:  Added the additional option of including closed and deleted jobs in the job audit trail.
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Online Sync Service Items Option: Added the option to Sync Products/Services from QuickBooks Online to Proven Jobs. Equipment - Products. Users will need to reach out to Support to enable this feature. Proven Jobs Sync Products/Services and Job Type Set Up
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online – Product/ Service by Job Type: A new feature has been added within the Job Type set up, to apply a specific Product/Service to a specific Job Type. This will allow when a Work Order is converted to an Invoice to utilize the Product/Service assigned to the Job Type to Control the GL Account in QuickBooks. This feature works in tandem with the above “Sync Product/Service items”. Proven Jobs Sync Products/Services and Job Type Set Up
  • New Feature: Franchise Royalties Report:  Additional option within Royalties Report, to Run report based on Job Type by Invoices. Settings - Company Settings - General - Edit Royalty Settings Proven Jobs Royalties Report
  • New Feature: QuickBooks Sync Customer Option: Added option to sync customer to QuickBooks checkbox on job creation screen. Proven Jobs QuickBooks Sync Customer Option
  • New Feature: Symbility Loss Date: The option to apply a Loss Date within Settings - Company Settings - Edit Job Dates has now been added. Proven Jobs Symbility Loss Date
  • New Feature: Company/ Contact Visible Within Note Creation: The Company or Contact is now visible on Note creation within a Company or Contact record. Proven Jobs Company - Contact Visibility on Note Creation
  • New Feature: Heic Uploads: New option to convert heic uploads to jpeg for IOS users.
  • New Feature: Symbility First Name – Last Name Option: New option to use a First Name – Last Name Format for Symbility. Settings - Company Settings  Integrations - Symbility - Enable “Use Firstname Lastname Format” Proven Jobs Naming Format
  • New Feature: Xactimate Import Default “Append New”: Within Integration - Xactimate, the default on import estimates has been modified to “Append New” in place of previous default of replace. Proven Jobs Xactimate Default Append New
  • Updated Feature – Control Center Paid Criteria Change Control Center Paid criteria – to show only “Open” job. Jobs do not have a Production Close or Accounting Close Date.  Proven Jobs Paid Stage Modification
  • New Feature: Salesperson change logic to fill salesperson on job to fill it by referral. Proven Jobs Salesperson by Referral
  • Fix to Symbility – On estimate import, to apply taxes correctly, and include minimum charge adjustments.
  • Fix to auto fill invoice date when converting multiple work orders to invoices at once.
  • Fix to change to Workflow Setup page enable Job Contact/Employee field within Workflows when All Job Types are selected.
  • Fix when sorting the job type column in the workflow setup screen.
  • Fix to Control Center Notes. Notes were overflowing within the grid section.
  • Fix to not allow to convert work orders to vouchers/invoices if export date type not added for QuickBooks integrations
  • Fix QuickBooks Online – Development fix; When a vendor name is modified in QuickBooks, Proven Jobs will update the Vendor Record from the Company Name in QuickBooks instead of the Vendors Display Name.
  • Fix to not export company with -C and -V in display name to QuickBooks Online.
  • Fix to the export job list as the number of records in the job export different from Prove Jobs list filtered.
  • Fix to allow when Policyholder is utilized to “update” Customer record within Proven Jobs, Customer record will then export to QuickBooks Online / Proven CRM.
  • Fix to Workflow Setup List; Job Types filter not working.
  • Fix to Email Address validation to allow one character in the domain.
  • Fix to the Job Export List, breaking down address information.
  • Fix when removing a subtrade on a workorder with in Proven Jobs, the subtrade is not removed in PSA Desktop
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