Version Release Notes


V9.2.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: July 18th, 2017



  • Automatically populate country when creating job (based on corporation site)
  • Added total calculations to Financials screen
  • Added ability to edit floors (Company Settings)



  • Added Job Number in filter for Invoice / QuickBooks Invoice reports
  • Added City and Region to Active Job Management Report
  • Added parent fields and select all option to KPI Report
  • Added Open Work Order Report



  • Added equipment history to equipment edit screen.
  • Only display edit rates screen when not synced with PSA Desktop
  • PDF exports now with “PSA” as producer when exporting
  • Added security to report dropdown in job attachments
  • Added text for missing security roles/groups
  • Added option for importing Loss Description from Xact

Version Release Notes


V9.2.6.0 Release Notes

Effective July 5th, 2017



  • Added Date/Time to Job Timeline
  • Sort Job Listing by Date descending



  • Added ability to set End Date when changing rates on Internal Contact screen
  • Changed click-to-call and email to a separate button on Contact Edit screen



  • Added PM/Estimator address and phone# to Work Order Report
  • Added timestamp when signing report.
  • Added Revenue Overhead to cost/estimated cost column on Job Management Report
  • Added Job KPI Report to display status of KPIs




  • Added date/time to signature in fillable form
  • Added “Total Hours” to Total panel in Work Order screen.
  • Added ability to select/unselect all for Report Roles

PSA Mobile app Version 3.1

Mobile V3.1 Now Available


Mobile V 3.1 

Canam Systems is excited to announce the release of PSA Mobile V3.1. This is the first of two releases to mobile version 3 that will provide users with a number of key features and upgrades to PSA mobile.

V3.1 Features:
- Filter jobs by location
- Job Lookup Information
- Email or Text Notes
- Add Photo Annotations


For more information on new releases please contact our support center at or click the link below to be redirected to our PSA news page.


PSA Mobile V3 Guide

PSA Web Job Management Version 9

PSA Web Job Management Version 9

Job Information

  1. Added Job lost code & description on job Information tab
  2. Added duplicate Job button with additional duplicate options
  3. Added button to open or close jobs
  4. Added user defined job fields
  5. Added the ability to annotate notes on attachments
  6. Removed File storage size restriction
  7. Added log note template functionality
  8. Added “entered” date to Job Lookup screen
  9. Changed Photo Viewer on attachments tab
  10. Added autodialed functionality to dial out when phone is clicked
  11. Added email out when clicking on an email address
  12. Added Sketch tab
  13. New Job create a blank work order
  14. Added Unit of Measurements setup screen
  15. Created date added to job lookup
  16. Added a select all to attachments
  17. Added new filters on attachments screen to sort & find

Electronic Forms

  1. Added Fillable forms functionality to create web forms that can be filled out while in the field from a phone or tablet

Work Orders

  1. Added ability to merge Work Orders in the web
  2. Added Update Margin by entire work order or entire job in the web
  3. Added the ability from WO description to pull cost information automatically into the work order details
  4. Added move WO option from job to job


  1. Added the ability to schedule jobs directly even without a work order
  2. Advance schedule now based logic driven & logic driven
  3. Added Lag time to advance schedule between events
  4. Modified tech schedule to for option to not show closed jobs


  1. Labor Transfer now to include employee name in description
  2. Comments box now editable from timecard screen

 Xactware Import

  1. Added the ability to unlink job from Xactimate/Xactanalysis
  2. Added refer by on Xactanalysis screen
  3. Added Forget password button at login screen
  4. Added “Show totals” on estimate import screen

Relationship Management

  1. Added emailing notes from customer screen

Customer Portal

  1. Emails are sent once service requests are approved

New Release #8

The new version of PSA Job Management has been released. We are beginning to roll out the update now.

New Features

  • Files
    • Store files indefinitely.
    • Updated interface with icons/list view.
    • Filter by file type.
    • Attach to companies.
    • Attach to contacts.
    • Add function for user to choose to send selected files to PSA.
  • Logs
    • Attach file to log.
    • On email, attach file.
  • Schedule
    • Attach file to schedule.
    • On email, attach file.
  • Time Clock
    • Display locations of all currently clocked in employees and the jobs they’re clocked in to.
    • Lunch functionality expanded to Time Card Exceptions, funcationality to set time-specific rates.
  • Work Order
    • Syncronized subtrades with schedule.
    • Support for roofing pitch calculations. (contact support if you need help enabling this feature)
  • Client Portal
    • Allow customers/providers/estimators to log in and view their job status.
    • Add service requests.
    • Username and password are defined on contact screen.
  • Xactware Sync
    • List which items are linked to which jobs.
  • Quickbooks Sync
    • Sync Companies.
    • Sync Employees.
    • Sync Jobs.
    • Sync Invoices.
    • Sync Vouchers.
    • Sync Payables.
    • Sync Receivables.
    • Sync Time Cards.

Password Policy Changes

Due to a request from a third party, we have made the following changes to our password policy.

  • Passwords will now expire every 90 days instead of every 180 days
  • Passwords cannot match any of the last 5 passwords used on an account.
  • Password reset emails will no longer contain the username.
  • Passwords will have to be changed immediately, following a password reset.
  • As before passwords still require at least one lower case letter, upper case letter, number and special character.


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