New Release #8

The new version of PSA Job Management has been released. We are beginning to roll out the update now.

New Features

  • Files
    • Store files indefinitely.
    • Updated interface with icons/list view.
    • Filter by file type.
    • Attach to companies.
    • Attach to contacts.
    • Add function for user to choose to send selected files to PSA.
  • Logs
    • Attach file to log.
    • On email, attach file.
  • Schedule
    • Attach file to schedule.
    • On email, attach file.
  • Time Clock
    • Display locations of all currently clocked in employees and the jobs they’re clocked in to.
    • Lunch functionality expanded to Time Card Exceptions, funcationality to set time-specific rates.
  • Work Order
    • Syncronized subtrades with schedule.
    • Support for roofing pitch calculations. (contact support if you need help enabling this feature)
  • Client Portal
    • Allow customers/providers/estimators to log in and view their job status.
    • Add service requests.
    • Username and password are defined on contact screen.
  • Xactware Sync
    • List which items are linked to which jobs.
  • Quickbooks Sync
    • Sync Companies.
    • Sync Employees.
    • Sync Jobs.
    • Sync Invoices.
    • Sync Vouchers.
    • Sync Payables.
    • Sync Receivables.
    • Sync Time Cards.

Password Policy Changes

Due to a request from a third party, we have made the following changes to our password policy.

  • Passwords will now expire every 90 days instead of every 180 days
  • Passwords cannot match any of the last 5 passwords used on an account.
  • Password reset emails will no longer contain the username.
  • Passwords will have to be changed immediately, following a password reset.
  • As before passwords still require at least one lower case letter, upper case letter, number and special character.

PSA User Conference 2016

Canam Systems is excited to announce the 16th Annual PSA Restoration Contractor user conference. This year’s conference will be held in the spectacular sunny city of Orlando, Florida at the Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside. Our conference will be packed with two full days of education, training, networking opportunities, test labs and of course the release of PSA version 16 & PSA Web/Mobile V10. All registered users will also be able to participate in this year's coveted round table event, which allows each registered company to submit change requests into PSA and have them voted into a future version by the entire user base.

Register Now!

PSA Mobile Update

A new update, version 2, is available for the PSA Mobile app. This update brings the following highly requested features:

  • The ability to upload multiple images from one screen.
  • Equipment tracking, scan equipment to and from job.
  • Equipment tracking, supporting bluetooth scanners (including Opticon) and scanning via camera.
  • Displays the job address on the job selection screen.
  • Displays the currently clocked in job and address.
  • Clock in directly from job to job.
  • Clock in, select category and selector (optional).
  • Clock out, display multiple lines in the description field.
  • Sync history, displays all transferred time by day, organized by time card.
The PSA Mobile app is included with all PSA Web licenses, existing users will receive an update via Google Play/App Store. New users can download the app for Android or iPhone/iPad.

Xactware Maintenance

The PSA Web-Xactware link will be offline January 27, 2016 from 11:00PM to 3:00AM EST. During this time-frame no data will sync to or from XactAnalysis or Xactimate from PSA Web. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New Release #6

The new version of PSA Job Management has been released. We are rolling out the update now. 

New Features

  • Work Orders (Create/Edit/Delete)
  • Job Edit, added ability to remove Xactanalysis link.
  • Job Edit, new fields: Subtype and Building Type.
  • Job Create, new quick entry layout.
  • Job List, search by Employee (PM/Estimator/Etc.)
  • Schedule, Technician view and routing.
  • Materials, barcode scanner support
  • Equipment Tracking (Scan/Admin)
  • Clock In, select category/selector (with security)
  • Timecard Sync, diagnostic messages if there is an exception.
  • Xactimate Import, including support for Xactimate Web.
  • Logikos Export, add and update job sites.
  • Barcode Scanning, scan codes with your mobile phone or tablet*.
*support requires a compatible device with a high-resolution camera.


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