New Release #4

The new version of PSA Tech Manager and the first release of PSA Job Management has been released. Because of sync requirements with PSA the new release will be rolled out along with the upgrade to PSA version 14. If you are currently are on PSA Tech Manager and do not have a schedule upgrade for PSA call 1-866-992-2626 to book today.

New Features

  • Email log notes.
  • Job date entry notifications.
  • Outgoing email signatures.
  • Clock in by team lead.
  • Create default work order on job create.
  • Improved performance and interface.
  • Many other improvements.

New Release #3

The new version of PSA Tech Manager will be released Monday July 21, 2014. This new version brings new features and increased performance. The PSA client on your server and desktop computers will be updated tonight.

New Features

  • Background performance improvements.
  • Allow multiple PSA databases to sync to one Web database and share CRM information.
  • Support for job number prefixes and suffixes.
  • Ability to add materials costing to jobs.
  • For Technicians, restrict jobs displayed to ones they are assigned to in scheduling (optional).
  • Ability to clock other techs in/out, restricted by security.
  • Rules to determine which hours are paid out at what rate based on number of hours worked, and rounding to the nearest interval. Supported Intervals are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours.
  • Improvements in Sync application performance.

PSA User Conference 2014

Canam Systems welcomes all of its users to the 20th Anniversary of PSA and the reintroduction of the PSA live user conference. This year’s conference will be held in Toronto, Canada at the spectacular International Plaza Hotel & Conference Center Sunday October 19th to Tuesday October 22nd 2014.

This conference will be packed with two days of presentations, training sessions and the release of the new version of PSA Restoration Contractor & web job management system. All registered users will also be able to participate in this year's round table event, which allows each company to send a list of program and report changes in to have the participating users base vote them into future versions.

Click here to register or for more information.

New Release #2

We're currently preparing PSA Tech Manager release 2. This new release brings many new features and interface tweaks including:


  • Create/Edit jobs.
  • Clock In/Out now records location on both clock in and clock out.
  • Pictures/Documents can be uploaded to PSA Tech Manager and then transfer down to your copy of PSA.
  • Materials entry now supports unit of measure.


  • Create/Edit/Delete companies
  • Create/Edit/Delete contacts


  • Users will no longer be logged out if they are inactive for 15 minutes.
  • Users will no longer be unable to log in if another session is open for the same user account, the first session will be closed instead.

This will necessitate approximately 1 hour of downtime at 11:59pm on  Wednesday February 12, 2014. PSA Tech Manager will be unavailable, the PSA desktop application will be unaffected.


PSA Tech Manager has been released Monday Nov 11, 2013. All beta testers must contact their sales associate to order the retail version.


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