(Release Date: April 17th 2018)

Jobs Management Updates:
Added - Separate security for job dates
Added – Button to allow sub trade agreed quote adjustments on work order
Added - Populate schedule subject with WO info if left empty
Added - Attach WO as (PDF) when scheduled activities are created/updated
Added- Attachments screen – added small thumbnail to list view
Fixed – On Financial review screen recalculate totals on filters (invoices/costs)
Fixed - Rounding discrepancies on financial screen between summary & cost
Fixed -  Duplicated contact methods when importing from Policy Holder
Fixed - Load times in Notes section when “Must See Notes” is checked off
Fixed - Date searches to now prompt based on company selected (Time Zone)
Fixed - Issue with payment details remaining active when header is inactive in reports

Relationship Updates: 
Added – (Option) To prevent a vendor from being attached to WO/Schedule
Added - Related contacts for property management feature
Added – Two way Sync of the property field from PSA Web & Desktop**
**(Must be requested to be turned on by support in the desktop)
Web Reports Updates: 
Fixed - Hour totals in Time Card Style 2 Report

PSA WEB Release Notes V10.0.5.0


(Release Date: April 4th 2018)

Jobs Management Updates:
Added - When duplicating a job to choose just general notes & inspected date
Added - The ability to print a customized estimate from the work order screen
Added - Option to allow scheduling a locked (converted) work order
Added - The “Parent” field to available log note template fields
Added - Button to include all job contacts and/or Employees when emailing log notes
Added - Customer column to job list
Added - Fill contact address from customer option
Added - Create button to contacts via companies
Fixed - Sync log created date correctly
Fixed - Search for job contacts/companies
Fixed - Role creation/saving in Safari Browser
Fixed - Inactive records no longer display on job relationship drop downs
Fixed - Jobs with production closed date now viewable from control center 
Fixed - Do not hide duplicate button after duplicating a job

(Optional) Property Management Updates:
Added – “Property Type” in Company Settings
Added – “Property Owner” field on company record
Added – “Property Company” select on Job Information screen
Added – “Transfer to Job” option to add contacts to job when the site is selected
Added – Security prompt when changing “Property Company” on job

QuickBooks Updates:
Added – Support for QuickBooks Online to sync sales receipts

Reports Updates:
Fixed - Grouping in Equipment History Report to prevent duplication

PSA WEB Release notes - V10.0.4.0


(Release Date: March 21st 2018)

Jobs Management Updates
Added – “Save as PDF” button to e-forms that directly add into job attachments
Added – Pop-up Notifications while saving job in the web
Added – ACT column added to WO main view
Added - Product default price/cost auto population based on product setup
Added - Ability to “Send WO” to also select subcontractor
Added - Ability to download selected attachments to local drive as a zip fil
Added - Default marketing positions for new databases (web only clients)
Fixed - Job numbering sequence that allowed duplicates when creating job
Fixed - Log note “reply” functionality in PSA Web
Fixed – Log notes to use actual created date when syncing to the desktop.
Fixed - Notifications from desktop that did not contain name/number when synced
Fixed - Display of created/updated dates on attachment screens
Fixed – Attachments  appear sequentially based on the order they were uploaded
Fixed - Control Center date ranges for both the workflow and schedule tabs
Fixed – The sorting and re-ordering in Control Center Workflow tab
Fixed - Synchronization of certificate updates PSA Web
Fixed - Schedule to have mouse over functionality to display all event 

XactAnalysis Integration Updates:
Fixed - Import failing when no contact name presented
Fixed - Note duplication when unlink/relink a job into PSA web 

QuickBooks Integration Updates:
Fixed - Issue on invoices with not taxed line items
Upgraded PSA Web to .NET 4.6.1 for QuickBooks Online integration

PSA Web V10.0.3.0 Release Notes March 6th, 2018

(Release Date: March 6th, 2018)

  • Job Management Updates:
  • Added – Additional Security privileges for accessing General Notes
  • Added – If two users update the same job, system prompts a message that changes have been applied
  • Fixed – Issue on desktop when renaming files caused duplicates copies to appear in web
  • Fixed – If general notes are removed in desktop they will also remove in web
  • Fixed - Auto folder creations to not appear in contacts/companies tab
  • Fixed – Issue where “Next” option was not working in logs & attachments.
  • Fixed – When selecting timecard rounding seconds are no longer included
  • Fixed - Security on employee to lock down only rates table
  • Fixed – Issue with replying to emails in log notes
  • Fixed – Job counts in control center No Paid/Complete buttons
  • Fixed - Control Center not displaying the correct (#) of Job for selected status
  • Fixed - Workflow triggers with ZIP or COUNTY as info criteria
  • Fixed - Workflow triggers when duplicating job
  • Fixed – Error message display when Job Sub Type is cleared after Past Due Trigger is entered.
  • Restricted - Customer; Vendor & Internal types from showing in relationship dropdown


  • Report Update:
  • Added - Referral & Paid Job by Referrer option to sort by Employee, Type & grouping By Employee
  • Xactanalysis Integration
  • Fixed – Importing issue when estimated have an ampersands in customer name


  • Moisture Mapper Integration
  • Added - Filter closed/lost jobs from un-linked list in the moisture mapper import screen
  • Restricted - Sync With Moisture Mapper for closed/lost jobs unless previously linked




(Release Date: February 22nd 2018)

Jobs Management Updates:

· Added - Auto fill company & parent information when contact info is entered

· Added - Rights to create own timecard

· Added - Ability to select Job Roles in log note template

· Added - Do not display contacts linked to inactive companies

· Added - User fields to log note template

· Added - Policy holder field to custom forms

· Fixed - Performance when opening a job with multiple addresses

· Fixed - Keep original date/times when duplicating notes (Duplicate Job)

· Fixed  - Layout of edit screen when policy holders name is too long

· Fixed - Make document search criteria case insensitive · Fixed – Date Filters in control center

· Fixed - Formatting of the line item notes in the work order

· Fixed - Display the correct audit information to reflect the work order selected

· Fixed - Issue when Auto filling date Received option · Fixed - Email replies coming back when reply address is (CC or BCC)

· Fixed – Requires at least one rate to be selected on the employee level (desktop only)

· Fixed - Date range selection for sending WOs · Fixed – Ability to Send WO details to sub-trade from Send WO button  

Job Management Reports Updates:

· Added -  Primary vendor information & hours to Open Work Order Report

· Added - Show latest log notes on Job Note Report - Open Jobs

· Added - Employee grouping and filtering in Referral Reports

· Fixed -  Employee filter on Job Management Report

  QuickBooks Integration: ·

Fixed - Company settings save when overwriting last Import date

· Fixed - Importing expenses from QuickBooks Online 



(Release Date: February 7th 2018)

Job Management Updates:
· Added- Company address appears below when selecting customer on (Create/edit)
· Added - synchronization for Additional sites
· Added - Ability to fill recipients based on job role for log note templates
· Added - Re-activate (XA) assignment if deleted, but user exports it again.
· Added – Create attachment button saves (WO)to a (PDF) in job attachments
· Fixed - Issue with auto filling “Received Date” on job when created (option)
· Fixed – Issue when trying to delete additional sites on the job
· Fixed – Issue with past due notifications sending if job synced before workflow item was completed.
Miscellaneous Updates:
· Added - Modifications to customer portal notes screen must see notes & print option
· Added - Modification to Jobs, Companies & Contacts to prevent overwriting another user’s changes.
· Added – Ability to search for job attachments in schedule & log note popup
· Added – Total number of files in schedule & log note popup when selecting attachments
· Fixed - Sync issues when primary type is a built-in type
· Fixed - Label for timecard period to reflect that the day selected is the first day of the period not last.
Reports Updates:
·Added - Job Management Report - Grouping by employee
Moisture Mapper Integration:
·Added - Ability to “Unlink” a job from MM.
·Fixed - Importing jobs when Loss Description from MM is empty but exists in PSA Web.
QuickBooks Integration:
· Fixed - If a job is closed in PSA any changes in QB will not re-open it.


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