Release Notes - Version V10.0.0.4


Expected Release Date: December 19th, 2017


  • Removed folder creation and move button from customer portal view (attachments)
  • Performance enhancements to work flow listing (Job Info & Control Center)
  • Fix saving job when attached to workflow with employee & employee type matching the same employee
  • Fixed upload file when a non-file triggered workflow attached to job
  • Fixed synchronization of Notes (Job Log Note) from PSA Desktop incorrectly creating as Loss Description
  • Added address to customer dropdown – searchable
  • Added folder structure to log note attachments


  • Corrected issues to synchronization of certificates from PSA Desktop
  • Added folder structure to contact image uploads
  • Do not allow deletion of certificate types if type is attached to active certificate


  • Added root folder support to photo report
  • Restrict photo report to only public pictures
  • Fix created by field on Job Log Report – Open Jobs and Job Note Report
  • Added Lost Filter Criteria to Referral Report
  • Modified workflow report

Work Orders

  • Added close Work Order option

QuickBooks Integration

  • Performance enhancements
  • Corrected updating of expenses from QuickBooks to PSA Web, including payable updates when added to expense (was not previously updating)
  • Handle scenario when customer is changed to sub-customer or vice versa
  • Not updating website attached to Customer, Sub-Customers and Vendors

 Moisture Mapper Integration

  • Added building type -> project mode linking

 Copy functionality to fill-able forms

  • Added Apply Filter button to Control Center
  • Corrected search functionality for file name
  • Fixed Select All Button in attachments tab
  • Fixed multi file uploading to incorrect folder in attachments tab when uploads canceled from pending
  • Fixed saving recurring schedule items
  • Fix timecard transfer (period) list – not display timecard posting entries
  • Replace file name with file description (if available) on Custom Form Photo
  • Fix clearing state when entering country (and screen with address fields)

PSA WEB V10 Release Notes


·         NEW - Added Workflow Functionality to replace Existing KPIs section
                      Note: Existing KPI’s that are setup will be merged into workflow
·         New - Added two way integration with Moisture Mapper
·         New - Added the ability to create Sub Folders in attachments section
·         Update –Group rooms by floor in room list.
·         New - Added Salesperson field into company/contact record
                    Note: When contact is selected on job automatically add salesperson
·         Update  - Added Attention (field) & Last day on job (Date) to log note templates
·         Update – Modified filter criteria in the Contact List Report
·         Update - Adjusted columns in the Actual Cost Report
·         New – Added Photo report
Company Settings:
·         New - Option in settings to autofill salesperson on job (default is no)
·         New - Added license/certificate functionality to vendors & employees
·         Update - Added rights for editing employees
QuickBooks Integration:
·         Update - Added Performance enhancements to import

Release Notes - V9.3.0.5

Released Nov 20th - 2017

Added new button to Schedule edit to Open job  work orders

Added “Not Paid” button to Control Center

Added Note field to Work Order Estimate report

Mobile version 3.5 update for Apple and Android - FIllable forms support

To be released for Android and Apple - Monday October 16th.

V9.3.0.3 Release Notes - Oct 11th 2017

  • Added Must See NotesĀ option to job
  • Added support for recurring and multi-day schedules to Filtered Work Order Report
  • Added search functionality and attendees on Work Order Screen
  • Added locations and handling deleted invoices/vouchers/credit memos, expenses and payments from QuickBooks

V9.3.0.1 Release Notes


V9.3.0.1 Release Notes

Published Date: September 12, 2017


  • Options to import Xact Notes/Attachments in company settings
  • Added Beta data import functionality (Data Mining)
  • Added Start, End, Time Completion, and Due Time fields to KPI list
  • Added linking parent -> company. Automatically add parent when company is added to job.
  • Added Loss Description to Job Info Tab – option to display in Company Settings
  • Added Employee Schedule Report Style 2
  • On work order screen added sales price from inventory
  • Added ability to secure files


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